Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa

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Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa, originally Campaign Against Foreign Control of New Zealand, was established by Maoist leaning activists to discourage foreign (especially American) ownership and investment in New Zealand.


1975 - CAFCINZ founded by Owen Wilkes.

1975 July or August, first issue of Foreign Control Watchdog out.

1975 November, address of Wellington branch of CAFCINZ: PO Box 6651, also address of Campaign Against Nuclear Warships 1975-77.

1975 Assistance News published from P.O. Box 2258, Christchurch.

1976 March, Peoples Union set up with Dave Welch as chairman, replaced by Christine Bird circa November 1976.

1976 early, Progressive Youth Movement's Rebel 109 carries ad for CAFCINZ's Lower Nth Island Resistance Ride, write to PO Box 6651 Wgtn, or ph PYM at 499-457 Auckland.

Early activism

1977 November, about 20 people from CAFCINZ, CND and the Values Party picketed USS Somers at Lyttelton.

1977 AGM of CAFCINZ held. John Christie said at that meeting: "CAFCINZ is now a major, if not the major, anti-imperialist group in N.Z. A large amount of work has been done in three years. The movement has also developed organisationally - from temporary to permanent."

1978 CAFCINZ's paper, "Foreign Control Watchdog" states "CAFCINZ put a lot of work into the movement opposing visits by nuclear warships to New Zealand.. This work was done in collaboration with other organisations, notably the CND... A general feature of CAFCINZ's work in 1977/78 was the increased co-ordination with other organisations."

1979 People's Coalition set up by CAFCINZ to organise mass demo against National Party Conference in Christchurch on July 27. Coalition comprised CAFCINZ, the Communist Party of New Zealand, Socialist Unity Party, HART, Canterbury University Progressive Club, Coalition Against Apartheid, Tramway Workers Union, actively supported by Canterbury Trades Council. Guest speaker at rally in Square was Wes Cameron, chairman Trades Council and member Executive FOL, who pledged support of both groups. [1]

1979 CAFCINZ described by members as having a policy to "end all political, military and economic ties to the United States."

1980 August 11, article in Socialist Unity Party's Tribune (page 5) on CAFCINZ Lyttelton protest at cheap coal exports.

Activists conference

1982 July 31, CAFCINZ held an Activists' Conference of as many Chrischurch activist groups as possible at Hagley House. About 40 people took part and it was noted in FCWD: "The conference was by invitation only and was not open to the press or public, in fact it was not publicised at all, not even to our own members."

Sutch seminar

1985 September 28-29, CAFCINZ holds W.B.Sutch Seminar, to mark 10th anniversary of death of man who was "an inspiration to the founders of CAFCINZ." Venue was Trade Union Centre, participants, Owen Wilkes, Don Carson, Richard Suggate, Hugh Price (New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties), Rob Steven, Wolfgang Rosenberg, Rosemary Novitz (from S.A.) and Dell Small. [2]


1986 November, name now officially CAFCA. NOTE: Coalition For People's Rights "a coalition of more than 30 local pressure groups, organisations, political parties and trade unions", address: PO Box 13-392 Armagh ph 62-153 [see poster in CAFCA] This address also used to collect donations for Tiny Tots Strike Fund, to help 2 sacked nursery workers, slogan used: Workers Unite!

1990 Box 2258 now used for Campaign Against the Sale of Public Assets. Letter in June/July Monthly Review calling on people to ring their M.P. in Wellington on Sept 3 to oppose sale of assets.

Day of Action

1991 Sept. 23, People's Voice recorded the group as a backer of the "Day of Action" against the Government.

Facebook group

As of December 28, 2017;[3]





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