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Camila Valenzuela is a Minnesota activist. Peer Lactation Counselor at Hennepin County Public Health. Partner of Chilean Matias Levin.

Peoples World

Writer at People's World.

2014 Florida Communist Party state convention

The Communist Party USA, Florida District, a party with a growing presence within the Sunshine State's progressive movement, held its convention in Orlando circa May 2014. This was the first such gathering in the state since 2006.

Struggles against racism, sexism, "stand your ground" and against attacks on reproductive rights are important to Camila Valenzuela, 24, who has been a member of the CPUSA for three years.

Valenzuela's mother is also a communist - "the black sheep" of a conservative, Catholic family, says Valenzuela. Her mother was a child in Chile when the democratically elected government of socialist President Salvador Allende was overthrown in a bloody 1973 coup organized by Gen. Augusto Pinochet with the backing of the U.S. She eventually became a teacher before coming to the U.S.

Although this background "sparked" something in Camila, and gave her knowledge and understanding of socialism, it didn't mean that she, too, was destined to become a communist, she said. Instead it was her own personal experiences that led Valenzuela to become actively involved in building democracy and socialism through the Communist Party USA.

"It was seeing my struggles, and how they aligned with my mom's struggles, and with the ideas of Marx and Lenin," said Valenzuela, who works to build membership in Florida for the Young Communist League, a CPUSA-sponsored group for teenagers and young adults.[1]

Cuba delegation

From left, Alberto Prieto, (CPC International Relations Department), Zenobia Thompson, Camila Valenzuela, Fernando Gonzalez, Kenia Puig (ICAP president), Josh Leclair, John Bachtell

A delegation from the Communist Party USA visited Cuba. On Feb. 27 2015, the delegation we stopped by the the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples to discuss building friendship, cooperation and people to people exchanges in light of the Dec. 17 announcement to reestablish diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

Among those who warmly greeted the delegates were Fernando Gonzalez, one of the Cuban 5 who was imprisoned in the U.S. in 1998 as part of a mission to monitor right-wing Cuban terrorist activities in Miami being directed against Cuba.

We found Gonzalez warm, gracious and eager to speak about exploring ways to build friendship with the U.S. people. He also shared stories about his time in U.S. prisons, the people he met and the extraordinary solidarity he and the Cuban 5 received over the years.
"The most important thing to say, to express on my behalf, my family and relatives, is my deep gratitude to the CPUSA because of the years of participation in the struggle, the solidarity you accorded us during the time we were in prison and for our liberation.
"You were side by side with us. Even when things look dark, there's always a bright side. No one wants that experience (of imprisonment). It gave us the chance to experience the best of the U.S. people and those we worked with for many years, side by side in that fight."
"Your participation during the campaign for our release, the information you shared, your ideological guidance and understanding of the reality in Cuba and social conflict in the U.S., what is really happening - that is why we are so appreciative.
"During the second round of negotiations between the U.S. and Cuba we haven't made any concessions. And with the return of all the Cuban Five it was a great victory for the Cuban people and all friends in the U.S. who have participated in struggle and for friendship between our countries.
"The struggle for the freedom of the Cuban 5 occupied a big part of the solidarity campaign. But now we hope people will continue to mobilize in the new context, of the process toward normalization of relations. The reality is the economic blockade still exists and the U.S. government still plans to subvert the revolutionary process here. President Obama said the goal is right, but the U.S. needs to change how it achieves the goal. It's important for people to be clear about what is happening.

"Keep the solidarity movement going in the fight to lift the blockade. Please extend our deepest gratitude to all."[2]

African American Equality Commission

In July 2015, Members of African American Equality Commission CP USA FaceBook group included Camila Valenzuela.[3]

CPUSA Environmental Action

CPUSA Environmental Action is a Facebook closed group. It is "a meeting place for members and friends of the Communist Party USA to discuss environmental issues (especially climate change), share information, and coordinate activities".

As of June 21, 2017 members included Camila Valenzuela;[4]

CPUSA of Tampa Bay


CPUSA of Tampa Bay Closed Facebook Group, accessed June 21, 2017;[5]

Our Main Political Aims:
1. Defeat the agenda of the ultra-right.
2. Reforms to put people before profits, end racism, gender discrimination and homophobia, and guarantee justice, economic security and basic needs for all.

3. A new kind of society - Socialism USA - in which the working class and its allies have the power to end war and corporate greed, and to build a true democracy of cooperation, fairness and peace.

Members included Camila Valenzuela.