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Caesar Vargas is a New York City activist. Co-director at (DRM) Dream Action Coalition. Former National Latino Outreach Strategist at Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. Lives in Staten Island, New York.

Married to Yesenia Mata.


Went to City University of New York Law School.

Patrol comrades

Caesar Vargas August 7 2019·

Another successful early morning patrol across Staten Island (no ICE presence). We will, however, continue this effort to protect the rights of all our immigrant neighbors #MigraWatchSI


Thank you to the awesome activists of the Staten Island DSA Tom Brick, Lauren Cosenza, Gena Mimozo Ksenia, and Nidhi Khanna for leading this patrol with us #LaLuchaSigue

Feel the Bern

Belen Sisa March 23, 2016;


No matter what, we've made history together. Thank you all for the unbelievable experience, we truly gave it our all. #AZForBernie #FeelTheBern — with Michelle Armer, Renu Kaur Sidhu, Jose Miranda, Shannon Spellman, Martin Vega, Joe Murphy, Annie Podk, Kassandra Alvarez, Michael Martinez, Julio Caesar, Julio D. Zuniga, Mark Cardenas, Todd Wiandt, Patrick Morales, Hector Rivera, Caesar Vargas, Erika Andiola, Lupita Arreola, Carlos A. Sanchez Savinon, Angel Fernandez, Maria Castro and Warren Jason, Jr. at The Vig Fillmore.

'DNC bird caucus'

Our Revolution - Illinois August 25, 2018:

Via Nomiki Konst: "The Our Revolution and 'DNC bird caucus' celebrating a great win for the slate of DNC reforms!!!"

Dsancos.JPG — with Nomiki Konst, Curtis Wylde, Ahmed Khan, Shana East, Yasmine Taeb, Maggie Wunderly, Elizabeth Lindquist, Alison Silagi Squires, Caesar Vargas, Yesenia Mata, Rebecca Abraham, Clem Balanoff, Martese Chism and Nasr Jahangir.

RSCC connection