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C. T. Weber

C. T. Weber has an undergraduate degree in History and a master’s in Public Administration, both from California State University Long Beach. Weber worked 16 years with the California Public Utilities Commission, where he served as a special agent in charge of the San Diego District Office. He was transferred to the California Highway Patrol where he worked as a Government Analyst in Sacramento.

Weber spent over 20 years as a union organizer and elected officer. He was elected four times to the California State Employees Association Board of Directors. He was also elected to a number of SEIU Local 1000 positions, such as district labor council secretary/treasurer, chief steward, and president. Weber served on the SEIU Local 1000 State Council and was a delegate to Sacramento Central Labor Council.

Currently, C. T. Weber is the Peace and Freedom Party of California State Chairperson. He is also active in several organizations including; CSEA Retirees; California Alliance of Retired Americans, Legislative Committee; Federation Of Retired Union Members 2nd Vice President; Gray Panthers; Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Northern California, Coordinating Committee; Coalition of Labor Union Women; and Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, AFL-CIO.[1]

Poor People's Campaign

Faye Wilson Kennedy May 10 2020.


— with CT Weber, Kevin Carter and Crystal Rose Sanchez, Robert Coplin, Bobbie J. Ramey-Clark, Cathleen A. Williams.


Peace and Freedom Party

In 2006 CT Weber stood for California State Senator, 6th District on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.[2]

2018 Peace and Freedom Party slate/California

Vote the Peace and Freedom Party Slate: ☻ Gloria La Riva for Governor ☻Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner ☻ Jordan P. Mills for Congress 49th District ☻ Gayle McLaughlin for Lieutenant Governor ☻ John Parker for U.S. Senator ☻ C.T. Weber for Secretary of State ☻ Kevin Akin for State Treasurer ☻ Mary Lou Finley for State Controller.

Communist Party USA

In September 2006 the Peoples Weekly World[3]listed several members or supporters of the Communist Party USA.

Aaron Moss, Alan Donohue, Andre Brochu, Annie Fox, Barbara Samuelson, Barbara Collins, Barry Weinstein, Carol Sorflaten, C. T. Weber, Delmer Berg, Dorothy Kohl, Doug Smiley, Earl Harju, Emile Schepers, Everett Hoagland, Fay Bussell, Gregory King, Jack Bussell, James Thompson, Jerome Moss, Joe Bernick, John Falchi, John Smith, June Dennis, Karl Dennis , Karl Sorg, Karl Weichinger, Lee Dlugin, Lewis Lubka, Mark Jordan, Michele Artt, Pat Barile, Raymond Tate and Robert Jastad.

Committees of Correspondence

In June 2010 C.T. Weber, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Northern California Coordinating Committee member, ran for California Lt. Governor on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.[4]

In 2012, Northern California Coordinating Committee of Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and and Socialism, consisted of Steve Willett, C.T. Weber, Ellen Schwartz, Walter Rice, Mel Martynn, Karl Kramer, Betty Brown.[5],

NoCal committee

In 2013, outgoing Coordinating Committee Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism--Northern California committee members were Steve Willett, Betty Brown, C.T. Weber, Ellen Schwartz, Karl Kramer, Elayne Jones.

Incoming members were Steve Willett, Betty Brown, Ellen Schwartz, Karl Kramer, Barbara Blong, Marilyn Albert.[6]

2018 endorsements

Democratic Socialists of America, Fresno, CA Chapter May 23 ·


At our May 20th meeting, we endorsed candidates for statewide and federal office. Congratulations to all endorsees!