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Bruce Fowler was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland.

WFTU delegation

Trade Union Moments and Memories May 3 2020.

Some of the Federation of Labour (FOL) delegation to the socialist block World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). The FOL was affiliated to the WFTU and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).although the ICFTU was right wing. The delegation was attending the WFTU Congress in East Berlin 1986. This pic was taken at Lenin’s summer house in a stopover in Moscow.


From left: Unknown, John Keith Boilermakers Union, Bruce Fowler Northern Distribution Union, Julia Knight Wellington Clerical Workers Union, Interpreter, Interpreter, Karl Andersen NZ Engine Drivers, Firemen and Greasers Union, Graeme Niles (aka Pinky) NZ Meatworkers Union, Bob Gilbert Northern Labourers Union, Unknown, Interpreter.

This was the second to last WFTU Congress, the final one was in Moscow in 1990. The Soviets paid for everything from Singapore onward so that meant flying Aeroflot and there is many a story to be told of those flights. The keynote speaker was Daniel Ortega President of Nicaragua, He is the president today although the CIA engineered a right winger to stand against him and succeeded however he was re-elected later. As guests of the GDR trade union movement they were taken on a tour of the villages and towns and in an East Berlin club met Billy Bragg. (Photo from Karl Andersen) See Less — with Julia Knight.

Hosting British miners


Warwick Jones, Bruce Fowler, Alan Ware, Tom Downey, Mike Jackson.

GDR visitor


ATC March


NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories January 11 20l6 · Auckland, New Zealand.

1979 FOL Auckland Trades Council March.

From left, Steve O'Reilly, Peter Willis, Rob Campbell, Karl Andersen, Bill Woolsey (check shirt), Zac Wallace, Bruce Fowler (w/megaphone), Dick Davis.