Bruce Feffer

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Bruce Feffer

AAFE 40th Anniversary Gala

Asian Americans for Equality celebrated their 40th Anniversary Gala, November 18, 2014, at Tribeca 360, 10 Debrosses St NYC.

Honored "Agents of Change" included Bruce Feffer;[1]

Bruce Feffer has played a significant role in cases affecting the Asian American community in New York City: AAFE v. Koch in 1982, upholding the needs of the community in the City’s zoning decisions, court victories for over 100 families evicted by fire in 1989, and Chin v. Board of Elections in 1991, which led to the right to multilingual ballots.
In 1991, Feffer testified before the Redistricting Commission as part of a successful campaign to establish the first City Council District in New York’s history designed to promote Asian American representation. In 2005 he was a leader of the Coalition Against Hate Media protesting racist hate speech. As legal advisor to the Continental Garment Manufacturers Association, he represented hundreds of Chinese-owned garment businesses, and when Chinese voters faced interrogation and intimidation in the 2013 elections, Feffer spoke out against voter discrimination. He helped Chinatown small business owners get financial assistance post-Hurricane Sandy and is a board member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA).

Dream of Equality awardee

Bruce Feffer is a past recipient of Asian Americans for Equality's annual Dream of Equality award.[2]


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