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Manzanar Committee Co-chair Bruce Embrey and Dr. Satsuki Ina. (J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo)

Template:TOCnestleft Bruce Embrey currently serves as Manzanar Committee Co-Chair.

Los Angeles District Line of March Groups


In a circa 1980 report "Consolidated rectification forces", in the Los Angeles area were named as Bruce Embrey, Joe Hicks, Michael Downing, Francoise Spaulding, Virgie Sanchez, William Bollinger, Dan Lund, Laurie Mayeno, Mike Silverberg, Ceci Kahn, Jaime Geaga, Cyrus Keller, Marilyn Taylor.

Call for a Conference on Racism and National Oppression


Call for a Conference on Racism and National Oppression was a 1980 call by Marxist-Leninists of The Trend, most of whom were Line of March activists, for a national conference on "Racism and National Oppression" to be held in the summer of 1981 in New York or the Bay Area.

Signers from the Midwest were;

Committees of Correspondence connection

In 1994 Bruce Embrey, Chicago, was listed on a "Membership, Subscription and Mailing List" for the Chicago Committees of Correspondence, an offshoot of the Communist Party USA[1]



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