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Brionna Nomi is chair of Richmond for All. Community Organizer at Education Organizer. Former Teacher/Reading Specialist at Richmond Public Schools.


  • Former PhD Candidate/Researcher at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Studied Doctor (PhD) at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Studied BA history at University of Richmond
  • Studied Reading MEd at Virginia Commonwealth University


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Richmond for All April 28 2020·

"Members of the activist group Richmond For All have vowed not to let this crisis go to waste."

Essential commentary from Michael Paul Williams, with interviews with RFA leadership Brionna Nomi, Kenya Gibson, and Kristin Reed.

Housing demonstration

Demonstrators stood in front of Richmond City Hall on Tuesday November 12 2019 calling for city leaders to focus on policies that do more to help the people they serve.[1]

Richmond for All November 13, 2019 ·


Great showing last night by our members and community partners! We work together, fight together, and fund our own advocacy. Learn more about RFA membership at

Photo: Alex Matzke <3 — with Kenya Gibson, Debbie Rowe, Omari Kadaffi Guevara, Brionna Nomi and Jesse Goldstein.

Supporting Gary Broderick

Kristin Reed August 30, 2018 ·


Another day another canvass! This week was so fun I photoshopped it. It was great to see everyone out, and it's empowering to know we're in this together. — with Sarah Pedersen, Bradley Robert, Jasmine Celosia, Connor Dolson, Amber Lee, Stephanie Rizzi, Jessica Mihs, Christopher Lombardi, Gary Broderick and Brionna Nomi.

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice


Brionna Nomi is a 10 year veteran of Richmond Public Schools, Doctoral Candidate in VCU’s School of Education, and member of Richmond Teachers for Social Justice.

Team Members

Richmond Teachers for Social Justice Facebook team members.


Brionna Nomi, Kurt Stemhagen, Hillary Parkhouse.