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Brianna Westbrook

Template:TOCnestleft Brianna Westbrook was, in 2017, a 32-year-old transgender woman living in Peoria, Arizona. She was a sales manager in the automotive industry, and a Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District.


DSA delegate


Brianna Westbrook was a delegate to the 2021 Democratic Socialists of America national convention.

Immigrants Rights Working Group

In August 2020 the Democratic Socialists of America Immigrants Rights Working Group just elected a new Steering Committee. Congratulations to the new Steering Committee members:

Gallego connection

Ruben Gallego and Brianna Westbrook


Brianna Westbrook with Ruben Gallego.

DSA congressional candidates


From the Democratic Socialists of America Redditt page.

What do y'all think of what is going to happen for the DSA in 2018, and how many of their members will try to become involved in the local and national level?
so far there are 4 DSA members running for the House this election in 2018. (Kaniela Ing, Carlos Rosa, Brianna Westbrook, and Eponine Garrod. and there are a few more who are sympathetic towards DSA)
I believe that we need to keep focusing on Local races more and later we can establish a foothold on the national races later. so this means DSA can remain a sort of Dark-horse organization for the time being, and then jump out and take the National races by storm.

I believe this because if we jump out too soon and get on the National stage, we will begin to lose momentum soon after we gain a good chunk of seats and then begin to weaken after trump is out of office.[2]

Justice Democrats


Brianna Westbrook was endorsed by Justice Democrats.

Phoenix DSA endorsement


Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America, January 22;

We are proud to have endorsed Brianna Westbrook for Congress in Congressional District 8 in her special election race. By a unanimous vote, we agreed to make her the first candidate to earn the official endorsement of DSA Phoenix. She is a working class candidate who supports the People's Platform, rejects big donors and corporate money, and--most importantly--is a member of Democratic Socialists of America who proudly wears her DSA Phoenix pins on the campaign trail (note them in the photos with comrade LaDawn Stuben and Rep. Ruben Gallego).

State Senate run

Phoenix Democratic Socialists of America, June 23 (2018) at 7:25 PM.

Phoenix DSA is proud to endorse Brianna Westbrook for Arizona State Senate, LD22!

Ferrell connection

Belen Sisa March 12;

It was a pleasure to host and introduce two amazing people in politics today, Our Revolution President and Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner & phenomenal human being & LD 24 Candidate for Arizona State Representative Marcus Ferrell for Arizona LD 24 (if you live in his district, you know what do ☺️ vote vote vote for him!!) You all inspire me more than you know and I am incredibly humbled to be surrounded, supported, and have the guidance of such wonderful leaders in our community. Let’s go #2018!!
P.S. today brought me flashbacks of campaign days on #Bernie2016 all over again ❤️🔥

📸: Brent Whiting — with Billy Kovacs, Marcus Ferrell, Brianna Westbrook, Deedra Hill Abboud, Roy Tatem Vanguard, Garrick McFadden, Redeem G. Zakari and Tara Ijai at Marcus Ferrell for Arizona LD 24.


Police have identified the four women arrested October 2018 in a protest outside Sen. Jeff Flake's Phoenix office.

Police say they are Julie Golding, 47, Natacha Chavez, 33, LaDawn Stuben, 40, and Brianna Westbrook, 33.


All four were booked on one count of criminal trespassing, a Class 3 misdemeanor.[3]

Erika Andiola October 5 2018:

These incredible SHEroes have been released this morning from 4rd Ave. jail in Phoenix after spending a whole day in there. They were arrested yesterday at Senator Jeff Flake's office demanding a NO vote on Kavanaugh.


LaDawn Stuben, Judith Danvers, Natacha Chavez, and Brianna Westbrook, thank you so much for your incredible sacrifice and sharing your stories as survivors. We will continue to push Flake until the end!

Patti Serrano, Dan O'Neal and Kai Newkirk❤️, thank you so much for your leadership on this action. You are incredible organizers (especially my partner in crime who always inspires me). — with Brianna Westbrook, Dan O'Neal and Len Clark.

Democratic Party vice chair


Arizona Democratic Party Progressive Caucus

Patrick Morales January 26:

Honored to have been unanimously voted in as Co-Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party's Progressive Caucus.

Patrick morales.PNG

Glad to be serving with the rest of the executive board Jenise Pace Porter, Mikel Weisser, Brianna Westbrook, and Dan O'Neal! Thank You!

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of January, 8 2019 included Brianna Westbrook.[4]

Flagstaff Pride


Brianna Westbrook with Mark Robert Gordon and John Phebus Flagstaff Pride June 2019.

Sarsour/Wong connection


Brianna Westbrook with Winnie Wong and Linda Sarsour.