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Brian McWilliams

Vietnamese delegation to UN


Vietnam's 1992 delegation to the United Nations has been restricted to the New York metropolitan area since 1975. They also visited the ILWU.

Shown from left are: an unidentified visitor; ILWU VP Brian McWilliams; Merle Ratner, National Network of Indochina Activists; ILWU Sec.-Treas. Leon Harris; Tran Qoy Thang, Vietnam UN Delegation; 1LWU Pres. David Arian; Ambassador Trinh Xuan Lang; Beatrice Eisman, US/Vietnam Friendship Association.; Coast Committee member Richard Austin; Pham Van Clue, Vietnam UN Delegation; and Dr. William Eisman, US/Vietnam Friendship Association.

People's Weekly World Banquet 1997

Elected officials attending the the 1997 Bay area People's Weekly World banquet, at His Lordships, Berkeley Marina, included State Senator Barbara Lee Assemblywoman Liz Figueroa, Alemada County Board of Supervisors president Keith Carson and Berkeley vice mayor and City Council member Maudelle Shirek..

Honored were Brian McWilliams, Santa Cruz County Central Labor Council, Amy Dean, South Bay Labor Council, Wilson Riles, Jr. regional director AFSC and Art Rodriguez of the National Labor Community Coalition for Public Works Jobs.[1]

Honoring Harry Bridges

On July 30 2001, a ribbon cutting ceremony for the dedication of Harry Bridges Plaza in San Francisco. Mayor Willie Brown led the event. Joining him on the platform were Rep. Nancy Pelosi, County supervisor Adam Peskin, Port Commission vice chairman and former ILWU president Brian McWilliams and Bridges' widow Nikki Bridges Flynn.

Messages came from Gov. Gray Davis, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Assemblyman Kevin Shelley.[2]


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