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Robert John (Bob) Gilbert is a New Zealand activist. He is married to Marina Gilbert.

SUP connections

1984, August 6th, wrote article in Socialist Unity Party's Tribune.

1984, wrote article in Tribune on levels of asbestos at Mauriceville limeworks.

1984, Nov., played in SUP soccer match in Hamilton between Hamilton & Auckland branches.

1988, Feb 29, organiser Labourers Union, wrote letter to Tribune, on the Hamilton job situation.

East Bloc visit

1986, Sept., one of party of 12 unionists to 11th Congress of WFTU in East Berlin as observers from the FOL. Opened by Eric Honecker & addressed by Daniel Ortega, some delegates met with delegates from Chile, Peru & Afghanistan & attended a luncheon with Honecker. Members of delegation met with reps of SACTU and had meeting of all union organisations from Asia/Oceania. They also went to Moscow in the Soviet Union. Official in Waikato Trades Council.

Union official

1996 - contact for Waikato Trade Union Centre.

2001 - Amalgamated Workers Union.


1992 -Contact for Workers Institute for Scientific Education, in Hamilton.[1]

2000 - article in August Red Flag, (journal of the Socialist Party of Aotearoa) on Hamilton.



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