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Blair Imani Brown


Blair Imani Brown describes herself as a "Black Bisexual Muslim activist".[1]

She had family members in the Black Panthers and "speaking to and learning from" Terrence Roberts of The Little Rock Nine when she was 12 years old.[2]

Blair Imani also served as a "Press Officer" at Planned Parenthood Action Fund.[3]

Meeting with Facebook Officials

Deray Mckesson meets with Facebook officials Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg, Neil Potts, Blair Imani, Brittany Packnett, Sam Whiteout, Samuel Sinyangwe and others to discuss "safety, activism, Russia, & a host of ideas about moving forward" in October 2017.

DeRay Mckesson tweeted in October 2017 that he met with Facebook Public Policy Manager Neil Potts and Facebook Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl K. Sandberg along with radical left activists Blair Imani, Brittany Packnett, Sam White, Samuel Sinyangwe and others to discuss "safety, activism, Russia, & a host of ideas about moving forward."[4]

The meeting with left wing activists was one of several referenced in Politico last year, including one with the Congressional Black Caucus, who "confronted" Sheryl Sandberg over "the lack of diversity on the Facebook board and the Russian bought ads which positioned Black Live Matter as a divisive wedge":

"Seeking to address concerns over Russian-linked ads that ran on Facebook during the 2016 election, COO Sheryl K. Sandberg met this week in Washington with leaders from Latino, Muslim-American and African-American rights groups, an unprecedented outreach for the company...Facebook declined to say which African-American and Muslim groups met with Sandberg..."[5],[6]

Meeting with Bill Clinton

Blair Imani meets Bill Clinton in April 2016

Blair Imani met Bill Clinton at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser "barely a month" after she "started observing hijab."[7]