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Alice Palmer and her husband Buzz Palmer established the Black Press Institute in Chicago circa 1982. In a 1986 interview with the Communist Party USA paper People's Daily World, Alice Palmer explained BPI's role in influencing decision makers such as the Congressional Black Caucus[1].

After the 1960s some of us looked around and observed there was no national Black newspaper...So we started the Black Press Review. We received the Black newspapers from around the country, reprinted articles and editorials that gave a sense of the dynamics and the lives of Black people, and sent them out to the Congressional Black caucus and other opinion leaders, saying "Look, here is what black America is thinking and doing".
Since then we have moved into organizing forums and dialogues...

Contributors to BPI's journal New Deliberations included Richard Hudlin, Jan Carew, Joy Carew, Robert Starks, Dwight Kirk, Earl Durham, Nancy Gaithskill.

The publication carried articles such as "Socialism is the Only Way Forward" and "Is Black Bourgeoise Ideology Enough?"

In 1987 Alice Palmer was on the Board of Directors and on the Staff as Executive Director and Editor of New Deliberations of the Black Press Institute[2].

1987 personnel

Board of Directors[3]

  • Mark Durham, 1st Congressional Dist. Regional Dir. - Chicago
  • Dr Paul Logan, Chr. German & Russian Dept. Howard U.

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