Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity

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Template:TOCnestleft Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD)) is a national Leadership Training Program designed to help rebuild Black (African-American, Caribbean, African, Afro-Latino) social justice infrastructure in order to organize Black communities more effectively and re-center Black leadership in the U.S. social justice movement.

Historically, the African-American community has played a key leadership role in social change in the U.S., whether at the forefront of sweeping movements or as inspiration for other communities to organize. Yet, nearly half a century after the sweeping successes and change brought about by the U.S. civil rights movement, many Black communities in the U.S. face disproportionate hardships ranging from high rates of unemployment and incarceration to over-representation in failing schools and proximity to toxic dumping grounds.

Addressing the chronic conditions facing many working class Black communities is critical to achieving lasting, meaningful change in the U.S. Renewed, authentic Black leadership and deeply organized Black communities must lead this change locally and, at the same time, be more effectively engaged in social change work and movement-building at the national level alongside the burgeoning mobilization of other marginalized communities in the U.S.

The program goal was to meet this movement-wide challenge by establishing BOLD as a national training program that creates a leadership development pipeline to increase the skill-level and number of Black organizers and directors working for social change in the U.S. BOLD will also strengthen the Black social justice infrastructure by developing a network of Black leaders and organizations that are organizing to increase power at multiple levels for the Black community and for the social justice movement as a whole.

BOLD training is in 3 domains:

  • Embodied Leadership,
  • Political Education and
  • Transformative Organizing [1]



Advisory Council


Participating organizations


BOLD is controlled by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.