Bitta Mostofi

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Template:TOCnestleft Bitta Mostofi is a left-wing activist in New York City. She is also an Iranian-American immigration and civil rights attorney.

Mostofi attended a dinner in New York City in 2010 hosted by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at the time president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mostofi wrote of the dinner at the Common Dreams website on October 15, 2010.[1] She wrote that she was taken aback by "the other attendees’ shocking adoration for Ahmadinejad and their shameful silence as to the Iranian government’s human rights abuses[.]"

"I recognize that many in the room were not there to excuse the Iranian government’s brutality, but their silence was striking. A fundamental role we have as American peace and social justice activists is to oppose our government’s threats towards Iran, while building solidarity with the Iranian people. Activists calling for solidarity at the dinner acted as though we stood in a town hall with our Iranian counter parts; however, the fact is we stood in a room with the Iranian state, not its people."