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Billy Feitlinger

Billy Feitlinger is a Madison Wisconsin activist. Married Susie Hobart in 2011. He is a former member of the Madison City Council and Council president in 1984.

Backing Hillary

Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans August 16, 2016 ·


With Judy Burnick, Marlene Ott, Hillary Clinton, Billy Feitlinger and Eileen Roth.

Stepping down

June 01, 2015 WI Alliance Executive Director Billy Feitlinger to retire.

"After almost 11 years, I have decided to retire as the WIARA Executive Director. It has been the most enjoyable and rewarding job that I have had over the last 40 years.

I have had the good fortune to have met and worked with hundreds of amazing people from the WIARA board of directors and staff, its affiliates, its sustaining union members, and participants who have attended retirement security presentations at senior centers, labor halls and town hall meetings throughout Wisconsin. I have learned so much and greatly appreciate the friendships that I have made from my experiences working for the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans."[1]

Retirees With the Write Stuff

The Alliance for Retired Americans Letter to the Editor Campaign.

"Retirees with the Write Stuff" is a new project of the Alliance for Retired Americans to encourage more retirees to write letters to their local newspaper. Get a free "Write Stuff" pen, plus your name in our weekly newsletter, Friday Alert, and on our website.

Congratulations to Charlie Averill, Janice Ayres, Don Badie, Charles Balban, Glenda Barnes, Elmer Blankenship, Bruce Bostick, Kathy Breeden, James Brown, John Brown, Leon Burzynski, John Cardwell, John Campbell, Don Dallas, Barbara Davis, Barbara DeVane, Graham Dewsbury, Jim Diulio, Helen Donovan, Robert Dougherty, Michael Dzwonczyk, Mary Elia, George Epstein, Billy Feitlinger, Earl Frampton, Shane Fox, Barbara Franklin, Tony Fransetta, Dave Friesner, Charles Fyffe, Gary Gaines, Shirley Gauger, Marilyn Ginsburg, Patricia Gooden, John Guevarra, Al Hamai, Julie Harbin, John Harris, Doug Hart, Joyce Hermanstorfer, James Hopkins, Jan Howe, Owen Humphress, John Ingle, Val Jack, Mary Lou James, Elaine Jones, Ellen Kadransky, Norman Kaiser, Stephen Keister, Jennifer Kenny, Jan Keshian, Larry Kitson, Elizabeth Knauf, Robert Kortkamp, Charlie Lemon, Linda Linderman, Gerald Lotierzo, Bea Lumpkin, Marie Malagreca, Charles Matul, Paul McGavis, Donna McGrath, Urias Meadows, David Meinell, John Mendolusky, Bruce Miller, Herbert Miller, Alfred Moskowitz, John Newman, John Pernorio, Charles Pervo, J.C. Phillips, Catherine Porter, Dianna Porter, Lee Pound, Linda Pratt, Don Rowen, Julius Sawicki, Terry Schleder, Lenora Schur, Dorothy Seigel, Paul Shanabarger, Vivian Silbiger, Mark Smith, Dorothea Stebbins, William Stevens, Jean Stillwell, Beatrice Stratton, Adam Swope, Arthur Valdez, Fred Vogt, Martin Walsh, Scott Watts, Norm Wernet, Laura Wickwar, Monty Williams, Curt Wilson, Malcolm Wright, Chuck Yarter, Elmer Yuen and Jack Zuckerman on their recent publications![2]

Leaving Falk

In December 2003 Dane County executive Kathleen Falk announced that Billy Feitlinger is leaving as an executive assistant in her office to accept an LTE management position in Dane County Human Services. There he will assist Director Lynn Green in developing initiatives to better serve younger children throughout the county. “With his passion to help children and his great experience in a remarkable diversity of public and private human service, public health, and community programs, Billy is uniquely qualified to be of key assistance to our Human Services team,” said Falk. [3]

Endorsing Baldwin

The Wisconsin Light October 1-14 1992 page 1

In September 1992 Tammy Baldwin won the Democratic primary for the local State Assembly race. Her three primary opponents Billy Feitlinger, Dave Cieslewicz and Ken Strasma all endorsed her and praised her for running as an open lesbian.

Aide to Feingold

In 1984 Billy Feitlinger was an aide to Senator Russ Feingold.[4]

DSA member

A partial roundup of Democratic Socialists of America elected officials after the November 1982 election includes n Wisconsin, Dismas Becker was elected to the state assembly from Milwaukee, Billy Feitlinger to the Madison city council, and Stuart Levitan, Lynn Haanen and Kathleen Nichols to the Dane County board.[5]


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