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Bill Bigelow is on the Editorial Board for Rethinking Schools.[1] He is a Portland Oregon High School teacher.

Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal

Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal was issued by Science for the People circa early 2019.

Signatories included Bill Bigelow.

Tubach connection

Struggling at first in the classroom, Linda Tubach says, “Desperate to master the social studies craft, I became a long-distance apprentice to my college friend Bill Bigelow, who was already a Portland, Oregon, high school teacher and Rethinking Schools editor.” From Bigelow, Linda learned about role play pedagogy, which she deployed for years afterward.

Linda “walked the line in ’89” as a picket captain during UTLA’s nine-day strike. That year she was elected school site chapter chair, a position she held for five years.[2]

Rethinking Columbus

Bob Peterson, and Barbara Miner contributed an article to Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Forward Motion, January/February issue 1993 "In praise of pamphleteering." Peterson was a 5th grade teacher at La Escuela Fratney, in Milwaukee, and Rethinking Schools, Barbara Miner was also Rethinking Schools. Along with Bill Bigelow she co-edited Rethinking Columbus.

"Support Bill Ayers"

In October 2008, several thousand college professors, students and academic staff signed a statement "Support Bill Ayers" in solidarity with former Weather Underground Organization terrorist Bill Ayers.

In the run up to the U.S. presidential elections, Ayers had come under considerable media scrutiny, sparked by his relationship to presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"We write to support our colleague Professor William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who is currently under determined and sustained political attack...
We, the undersigned, stand on the side of education as an enterprise devoted to human inquiry, enlightenment, and liberation. We oppose the demonization of Professor William Ayers."

Bill Bigelow Rethinking Schools Magazine signed the statement.[3]

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