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Bella Abzug

Bella Abzug was a prominent and vociferous left-wing Representative from New York City from 1970 to 1976 but lost a close bid to return to Congress In 1978.

Communist line

Bella Abzug has a long history of pro-communist activities. Even in college she was notable for opposing American entry into World War II during the Hitler-Stalin pact, when Communists in the U.S. were denouncing the war against Hitler. As soon as Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and the Communist Party USA made an abrupt shift in policy to support the war, Bella Abzug, also flip-flopped to support it.

Legal fronts

Abzug was prominent in the National Lawyers Guild and served on its Board of Directors. She also joined the Soviet front International Association of Democratic Lawyers.

Women Strike for Peace

Bella Abzug and Women Strike for Peace

During the 1960s Abzug became a leader of Women Strike for Peace, which maintained close relations with the Communist North Vietnamese.

In 1972 she went with a WSP delegation to Paris to meet with Viet Cong and North Vietnamese representatives. In a subsequent Congressional hearing, 10 out of the 12 top officers of WSP took the Fifth Amendment when asked about Communist Party USA membership.[1]

Solidarity with purged communists

Bella Abzug opposed Hubert Humphrey's presidential nomination in 1968 because she said he had purged Communists in the Democratic - Farmer - Labor Party in Minnesota.[2]

National Women's Political Caucus

Betty Friedan joined other leading feminists, such as Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bella Abzug, and Myrlie Evers-Williams in founding the National Women's Political Caucus in 1971.[3]

Cuba recognition drive

In 1972, a coalition of congressmen, radical activists and some communists spearheaded a drive to relax relations with Fidel Castro's Cuba.

Under, the auspices of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D.- Mass.) and Sen. Harold Hughes (D.-Iowa), a two day conference of liberal scholars assembled in April, in the New Senate Office Building to thrash out a fresh U.S. policy on Cùba.

Among congressional sponsors of the seminar were Sen. J. William Fulbright (D.-Ark.) and Sen. Jacob K. Javits (R.-N.Y.), both influential members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Sen. George McGovern (D.-S.D.), Rep. Bella Abzug (D~-N.Y.) and Rep. Ron Dellums (D.-Calif.).

Other sponsors included Senators Alan Cranston (D-CA), Mike Gravel (D - Alaska), Fred Harris (D - OK), Philip Hart (D - MI), George McGovern (D - SD) and Frank Moss (D - UT)

Congressmen Joseph Addabo (D - NY), Herman Badillo ( D - NY), Alphonzo Bell (R -CA), Jonathan Bingham (D - NY), John Brademas (D -Indiana), Donald Fraser (D - Minn.), Seymour Halpern (R - NY), Lee Hamilton (D - Ind.), Michael J. Harrington (D - MA), Patsy Mink (D -HI), Parren Mitchell (D - MD), Charles Rangel (D - NY), Thomas Rees (D - CA), William Fitts Ryan (D - NY), Ogden Reid (D - NY), Benjamin Rosenthal ( D - NY), Morris Udall ( D - AZ).

Secretary of the New York State Communist Party USA, Michael Myerson was among the observers.

One panelist, John M. Cates, Jr., director of the , Center for Inter-American Relations, matter of factly remarked during the discussions: "So why are we here'? We're here so Sen. Kennedy can have a rationale to get our country to recognize Cuba."

The conference was financed by a New York-based organization called the Fund for the New Priorities in America, a coalition of groups clearly sympathetic to many pro-Communist causes.

The Fund was virtually the same group as the Committee for Peace and New Priorities, a pro-Hanoi group which bought an ad in November 1971 in the New York Times demanding Nixon set a Viet Nam withdrawal date. Both the Fund for the New Priorities and the Committee for Peace, were located at the same address in New York.[4]

No sanctuary

During a debate on the Viet Nam War Abzug declared that Vietnamese and Cambodian anti-communists should not be given sanctuary in the U.S. in the event of a Communist victory.[5]

Paris Peace talks

Patsy Mink, Nguyen Thi Binh, Bella Abzug

Patsy Mink and Bella Abzug in Paris met with Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh, chief delegate of the Viet Cong at the Paris peace talks. At the time, Abzug was under CIA surveillance, but Mink said agency officials had assured her that she was not being actively watched.[6]

Medical Aid For Indochina

The "Hanoi Lobby" in the US set up an "aid" organization to send medical supplies to North Vietnam, the Viet Cong (Provisional Revolutionary Government) (PRG), the Lao Patriotic Front, aka the Pathet Lao, and the Royal Government of National Union of Cambodia, once the army of deposed Prince Norodom Sihanouk but now both puppet arms of the Maoist Khmer Rouge, according to a 1973 flier from "Medical Aid for Indochina (MAI).

The first "sponsor" on their list was Rep. Bella Abzug, N.Y.

This list of sponsors included the heart of the Hanoi Lobby plus a few liberal dupes, including those from Hollywood such as Julie Christy and former CPUSA member, writer Arthur Miller.

Abzug and the Communist Party USA Jewish Factions Friction

There were two "Jewish" factions within the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) during the latter half of the 1900's and battled each other over "Jewish affairs". The CPUSA's official group was the Jewish Commission of the CPUSA and its publication "Jewish Affairs", while the second faction, "Jewish Currents" was published by Communist Jews and sympathizers who were against Soviet anti-Semitism and Jewish Affairs promotion of Soviet disinformation and lies about Soviet Jews and even about some of Israel's long-time socialism policies and leaders.

The publication "Jewish Currents" was published by Jewish Currents, Inc., Room 601, 22 East 17th Street, New York, NY, 10003, (212) Watkins 4-5740, usually on a monthly basis. What tied it directly to the CPUSA was the fact that it was printed by a labor union printing shop whose printing "bug" was 412, a shop also run by the CPUSA as well as their major one whose bug was "Local 209" of the Allied Trades Printing Union. There are more details about these two CP print shops in the KW section on the CPUSA and its Fronts.

It should be said that not all the members of Jewish Currents, nor most of its supporters, were necessarily official members of the CPUSA, though the leadership appears to be just that. However, JC was always under CPUSA dominance and/or influence. This becomes important when one looks at the names of those who openly supported JC affairs as the May, 1973 edition entitled "25 Israel Independence Day - Special Anniversary Issue" shows.

On the back page of this edition (which is actually a small journal in size), was the following announcement which is reproduced en toto immediately below. KW comments will be added to flesh out the "who's who" of the event and their significance regarding the Communist Party USA.

"Jewish Currents Annual Dinner on the 25th Anniversary of the State of Israel", Sunday, May 20, 1973, 12:30 PM, Statler Hilton Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 32nd St. and 7th Ave., New York


  • Congresswoman Bella Abzug
  • A. B. Magil - author "Israel in Crisis", visited Israel this year
  • Mrs. Billie Portnow
  • Dr. Annette Rubinstein - (an identified member of the CPUSA) Identified as a member of the CPUSA front the American Labor Party, in the HCUA report "Trial By Treason: The National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell", Aug. 25, 1956, p. 29, (for which she was a speaker).
  • Rina Brisman - singer
  • Morris U. Schappes, M.C. - longtime id. CPUSA member

Also - Birthday Celebrations of:

  • David Platt - Jewish Currents Editorial Board, 70th birthday, Jan. 12, 1973
  • Sam Pevzner - Jewish Currents Editorial Board, 65th birthday, March 26, 1973 (id. CPUSA member)
  • Max Rosenfield - Jewish Currents Columnist, 60th birthday, March 14, 1973

Reservations: $8 per plate, Tables Seat 10 and 12. Send reservations and make out checks to: "Dinner Committee, Jewish Currents, 22 E. 17th St., Suite 601, NY 10003 (212 924-5740 - - - - - - - The change in our previously announced program is explained by the following letter received march 5: "Dear Morris (Schappes): I am sad to say that I am about to disappoint you again. When I tell you, I think you will understand. I have been invited with my wife to go to Japan for the whole of may on the Eminent Scientist Program. I am afraid this take precedence over all other engagements for that month.

Do forgive me please. I hope that some day I can do something more for you as I would like that very much. With all good wishes, Sincerely, * George (Wald)

Was one of the leading academic members of the "Hanoi Lobby" and its major communist-dominated "united front" organizations (i.e. the Mobes) and visited Hanoi in 1972. This information was on a list of North Vietnam visitors in the book "The Loyal Opposition: Americans in North Vietnam, 1965-1972", by James W. Clinton, Un. of Colorado Press, 1995, p. 295

U.S. Free Trepper Committee

In 1973, a mixed group of largely Jewish ethnic members of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) or well documents CPUSA sympathizers (through CPUSA fronts), created the "U.S. Free Trepper Committee" to protest the refusal of the Soviet Union to allow World War 2 communist intelligence operations hero Leopold Trepper to immigrate to Israel. Trepper is best known for his very successful "Red Orchestra" spy network that did serious damage to the Nazi war effort. It was called an "orchestra" because the Germans described the multiple radio transmissions back to the Soviet Union as sounding just like one.

Members of this Committee placed a small ad in the New York Times (NYT) of September 30, 1973 entitled "This Man Caused 200,000 Nazi Casualties: Today He Needs Your Help!". TEXT TO FOLLOW:

A partial list of Sponsors, as they appeared in this ad, contained the following names:

Letterhead of the "U.S. Free Trepper Committee", November 1, 1973, 317 West 93rd Street, Apt. 7B, NY, NY 10025 Coordinating Committee:

Sponsors: Partial List:

The letter of November 1, 1973 from the U.S. Free Trepper Committee reported that "Leopold Trepper is Free", about his arrival in London, and asked for donations to help support him and his wife Luba Trepper, who eventually moved to Israel to be with their children. The Committee asked for money for the Treppers in this letter which said that "But before we close the books on our activities, we have one more plea" (for money.

Some articles on Trepper include:

  • Washington Post (WP), Sunday, Nov. 11, 1973, C5, "A Master Spy Reminisces", by Dusko Doder
  • New York Times (NYT), Oct. 14, 1973, "Drive to Release Polish Jew Gains: Trepper, Once Soviet Spy, To Get British Visa", Glenn Fowler
  • Jewish Week, Wash. D.C., Feb. 22-28, 1973, P. 3, "Campaign to urge Poland's release of anti-Nazi spy", (no wire service source listed).
  • The Jewish Week, Wash. D.C., (Jewish Week and American Examiner), Oct. 4-10, 1973, P. 2, "Blurb" - "Trepper's Wife on U .S. Tour"
  • New York Post, Oct. 24, 1973, "Master Spy Trepper En Route to Israel?", Jay Levin
  • Wash. Post, P. A20, Oct. 24, 1974, "Spy Chief Complains: 'Red Orchestra' Head Raps TV Serial", Jonathan C. Randal
  • Jewish Week, June 20-26, 1974, P. 6, "'Red Orchestra' spy chief never forgot his first love", Dalia (or Daha) Mazori, Jewish Telegraphic Agency (news service)

National Conference for a drastic cutback in military spending

The Communist Party USA controlled Chicago Peace Council convened a "Nationall conference for a drastic cutback in military spending" in Chicaqo, April 5 & 6, 1975.

The purpose of the National Conference is to mount a national campaign and a vigorous program of action which will speak to the hundreds of thousands who were part of the inspiring resistance to the war in Indo- china. The people of the U.S. can and must turn this country around.

Congressmen Ralph Metcalfe, Bella Abzug and Les Aspin were invited.

Speakers at the Conference included Congressman Abner Mikva, Robert Johnston (regional Director, UAW), Richard Criley (Exec. Dir. Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights), Norman Roth (Fres. Local 6, UAW), Fr. Gerard Grant S.J. (Loyola University); Ed Sadlowski (Regional Director, United Steel Workers Union) and Frank Rosen (Intl. V-P, U.E.)[7].

DSOC support

In 1977, Paul DeBrul, issues director of Bella Abzug's campaign, was member of of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee.

According to New York DSOC chairman Jim Devor, Abzug was due for most of the DSOC support.[8]

She is speaking to the issues we want to see...We want to extend democracy to the ecomonic sphere as well as the political sphere.

DSA interest in campaign funders


Endorsing Major Owens

In 1982 leftist Major Owens (he later openly joined Democratic Socialists of America, ran in the primary to contest the New York City Congressional seat vacated by the retiring Shirley Chisholm. His main opponent was the Democratic Party machine's favored candidate Vander Beatty. Owens prevailed, helped with the endorsements of Council President Carol Bellamy, Congressman Charles Schumer, Councilwoman and DSAer Ruth Messinger, and Communist Party and DSA ally Congresswoman Bella Abzug.[9]


Circa 1984, July 17, at the Great Electronic Underground, San Francisco, Democratic Socialists of America's American Solidarity Movement organized a reception "Solidarity"at the Democratic Party Convention, in support of US labor.

Sponsors included Bella Abzug.[10]

Carter committee

President Carter appointed her to head his National Advisory Committee for Women, but had to dismiss her six months later after she lectured him shrilly before 40 other people at a Committee meeting. Soon thereafter 23 other members of the Committee resigned in sympathy.[11]

Karen Silkwood Fund

Karen Silkwood was a young woman who was reportedly trying to expose safety hazards at the Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation's plutonium production plant in Oklahoma. She was killed in a car crash that the Left claimed was a deliberate murder to prevent her from handing over internal safety documents to a New York Time's reporter. The Left rallied around her death and formed the Karen Silkwood Fund, a project of the far-left Youth Project.

A tax-exempt fund was set up entitled Karen Silkwood Fund, Youth Project, Box 10037, Washington, D.C., 20018 to investigate her death and alleged involvement of Kerr-McGee, the FBI, and other government agencies to cover up alleged safety violations at the Kerr-McGee plant. MORE TO FOLLOW.

Fundraising Letter of April 1979:

The Youth Project sent out "An Urgent Note From: Bella S. Abzug to a select mailing list in April, 1979 detailing their investigations into Silkwood's death, and explained a lot about it, the case, and related issued.

Among the groups that were involved in the case were:

Other individuals and organizations that would become involved in this case included:

  • Daniel Sheehan - a very radical and often irrational leftist attorney who did win a major financial settlement for the Silkwood family from this case. He would later be best known as the loose legal cannon of the Christic Institute, a religious far-left legal organization who tried to get charges brought against American supporters of the freedom-fighters of Nicaragua, a case that was totally thrown out of court after several years of legal harassment of the defendants.
  • Sara Nelson - Sheehan's wife, she was a leader of NOW who provided legal support to the Silkwood case
  • Rep.Bella Abzug Bella Savitsky - Abzug had one of the longest record of support of the Communist Party USA and its various fronts of any member of Congress in its history (only challenged by the records of Dellums, Conyers and Crockett, Jr). She was elected from what was known as the "Communist Party seat" of Lower Manhattan where the CPUSA had much of its strength in terms of members and sympathizers. She was active in CPUSA youth groups in the 1940's, jointed the cited CPUSA legal front, the National Lawyers Guild , and attended an international convention of the cited Soviet international legal front, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers in Czechoslovakia about 1947. She was also a financial contributor to the CPUSA front/publication Jewish Currents, which opposed the blatantly anti-semitic CPUSA faction, the Jewish Commission of the CPUSA and its publication "Jewish Affairs.

She was also a founder of the CPUSA-dominated Women Strike for Peace organization, being one of their representatives from New York. Another WSP leader was Pauline Rosen, who turned out to be a co-founder of the Communist Party USA, and the leader of their front, the National Center for a Drastic Cut in the Military Budget, among many others.

Abzug has never been publicly identified as a member of the CPUSA but internal security specialists have stated privately that they have seen documents proving it, and those proving that her husband, Martin Abzug, was also a secret member of the CPUSA. A search of some public documents at the National Archives has failed to turn up the mentioned documents. They might still be held as "classified" since the un-evaluated "investigators files" are not available to the public because they contain raw information and as such, have not been reviewed for reliability as well as the fact that they contain valuable informant/insider information on communist groups, operations and individuals.

Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign

Circa early 1980s, Bella Abzug was an endorser of a US-Soviet Nuclear Weapons Freeze petition circulated by the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, National Clearinghouse, based in St. Louis, Missouri.


In 1981 Bella Abzug was a Vice President of Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization[12].

Communist rally

The Communist Party USA paper promoted a massive "peace" rally in New York on June 12 1982. The People's Daily World covered the rally under a huge caption extending over half the front page, "Name June 12 Peace Day."

According to reporter, Emily DeNitto, describes a meeting;

"Speakers representing a whole spectrum of New Yorkers came to voice their concern over the nuclear arms buildup."

Among those who spoke were actress Colleen Dewhurst, Jarvis Tyner, chairman of the New York District of the Communist Party USA, Balfour Brickner, senior rabbi at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, Bella Abzug of Women USA, the Reverend David Garcia of St. Marks Church and Richard Hoyen, chairman of the New York Young Workers Liberation League.[13]

All-Peoples Congress National Advisory Board

In 1983, the Workers World Party (WWP) front, the All-Peoples Congress (APC) National Advisory Board, included;

Communist front sponsor

In 1984 Bella Abzug was one of the "co-sponsors" of the Ninth Annual Banquet of the Labor Research Association . This organization was identified as a Communist Party USA front. It cooperated with the Soviet international front group, the World Federation of Trade Unions.

The banquet honored Democratic Congressman Charles Hayes. Other cosponsors included Howard Metzenbaum and actor Ed Asner.[15]

DNC run

Abzug ran for Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee's Women's Caucus, at the DNC's annual convention in September 1989, she lost to a moderate Democrat, Ruth Rudy of the Pennsylvania State Legislature, by a close vote of 81/80.[16]

Meeting Gorbachev

In Geneva, Switzerland, in November 1985, the late President Ronald Reagan and then-Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, met to hold their first face to face talks on international diplomatic relations and the arms race.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, and members of Women for a Meaningful Summit were at the event and participated in a "peace march". Marching were now-Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).and Bella Abzug 0f New York.

The marchers made their way to the hotel where the summit conference was being held. When they arrived, Bella Abzug greeted a German woman using fluent German. The woman held a seat in the German parliament, and was a member of the German Green Party. Abzug told the woman that she had a “big surprise”: a private meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev. Bella Abzug, Barbara Boxer, Jesse Jackson and Rep. Patricia Schroeder all met with Gorbachev.[17]

Women for a Meaningful Summit

In 1989 Bella Abzug served on the Board of Directors of Women for a Meaningful Summit.


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