Barbara Boylan

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Barbara Boylan

Barbara Boylan is an Ohio activist.



James Albers‎, Democratic Socialists of Greater Cincinnati, April 30 2017.

Barbara Boylan, Phil Amadon and I are making a contribution in DSA's name for a table at the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers' Center May Day luncheon tomorrow. I believe there are 8 seats at a table, which means there would be 5 additional seats available. If any DSA member or supporter is interested in attending,let us know asap.

Cincinnati DSA Facebook group

Metro Cincinnati Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook group members, as of March 16, 2017, included Barbara Boylan.[1]

DSA Metro Cincinnati Members

Democratic Socialists of America - Metro Cincinnati Members Closed Facebook Group, June 2018.[2]

Members included Barbara Boylan.