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Radical and Controversial Appointments made by the Obama administration.

David Bonior

David Bonior has connections to the radical Washington D.C. "think tank" Institute for Policy Studies.[1] He has also been involved in the Democratic Socialists of America.

Bonior was touted as a likely Obama Labor Secretary but withdrew his name from contention. Obama then delegated Bonior, a member of his Transition Economic Advisory Board, to broker a re-unification of the U.S. labor movement, bringing the Change To Win grouping and the AFL-CIO back together under one banner[2].

According to the RBO blog[3];

The NYT’s David Greenhouse reported that, on January 7, the union presidents first met with Bonior, a member of Obama’s economic transition team...Bonior helped “arrange and oversee” the meeting.
The union presidents issued their joint call after the transition team for President-elect Barack Obama signaled that it would prefer dealing with a united movement, rather than a fractured one that often had two competing voices.

Rosa Brooks

Rosa Brooks is a senior advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Flournoy. Until her appointment to the Obama administration she served on the Georgetown Law full-time faculty. Brooks, who wrote a weekly opinion column for the Los Angeles Times, holds degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Yale Law School.

Van Jones

Van Jones was appointed on March 10, 2009 as Green Jobs adviser to the Obama administration - or officially, Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).

Jones was one of 100 "prominent Americans" who signed an October 26 2004 statement circulated by calling on the U.S. Government to investigate 9/11 as a possible "inside job".[4] In 2008 Van Jones was a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress[5].

Carol Browner

In 2005 Carol Browner served on the board of Center for American Progress as the Principal of the The Albright Group.[6]

Carol Browner is President Barack Obama's "Global Warming Czar". Browner ran the Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton. Until she was tapped for the Obama administration, she was on the board of directors for the National Audubon Society, the League of Conservation Voters, the Center for American Progress and former Vice President Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection.

Heather Higginbottom

Heather Higginbottom was appointed as Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy on November 24, 2008. she was formerly with the Obama for America campaign. On October 30, 2001, while working for Senator Kerry, she addressed a Boston Democratic Socialists of America organized forum entitled "Welfare, Children and Families: The Impact of Welfare Reform".[7]

Patrick Gaspard

Patrick Gaspard is a Brooklyn-based, 41-year-old Democratic operative who became, in June 2009, a White House director of the office of political affairs. In 1995 Patrick Gaspard was an organizer for the New Jersey chapter of the New Party.[8]

Kevin Jennings

Kevin Jennings was appointed Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education by the Obama administration.[9]

Jennings has come under fire for a number of controversies during his time as a teacher, and then as the founder and director of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network. In 1988 a student told him that he had met an older man in a bus station bathroom, and gone home with him. Jennings understood that the boy was fifteen-years-old, however instead of reporting the incident as required under law, he said to the boy, "You know, I hope you knew to use a condom.". Jennings has used a pornography and pedophilia publisher to publish three text-books he has written. Jennings' admiration for Harry Hay, an outspoken supporter of the North American Man/Boy Love Association has also come under question. In his work for GLSEN, Jennings has railed against what he terms as the "promotion of heterosexuality" in schools. He was also involved in two notorious "Teach-Out" Conferences, during which student participants were given explicit instructions on a number of sexual techniques, and where Planned Parenthood distributed "fisting kits".[10]

Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd is the associate general counsel and Chief Diversity Officer at the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. He has been a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress focusing on communications policy issues, including universal service, advanced telecommunications deployment, media concentration and diversity.

At a conference on media reform and racial justice in 2008, Lloyd made the following comment:

"In Venezuela, with Chavez, really an incredible revolution, a democratic revolution to begin to put in place things that were going to have an impact on the people in Venezuela. The property owners and the folks who were then controlling the media in Venezuela rebelled, worked, frankly, with the folks here in the U.S. government, worked to oust him. But he came back in another revolution, and then Chavez began to take very seriously the media in his country."

Samantha Power

In January 2009 President Obama appointed Samantha Power to the National Security Council, as director for multilateral affairs.[11] Before this she had served as a senior advisor to Barack Obama in his Presidential campaign. However she resigned in March 2008 under controversy over her remarks about Hillary Clinton.

In 2003 Power signed the Statement on Cuba, initiated and circulated by prominent Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) member Leo Casey, calling for the lifting of trade sanctions against Cuba.[12] Power has also been criticized for her hostility towards the state of Israel.[13]

Ron Bloom

When President Obama came into office, Ron Bloom became an aide to Rattner at the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry. When Rattner resigned after just five months, Bloom took over as car czar.

In September 2009 Bloom accepted a new position overseeing manufacturing policy for the Obama administration.

Bloom said his decision to join the administration was, in part, the product of a broader sense of engagement and desire to improve the world, which he developed in his Habonim years.

“That’s part of what I try to do in my work life...That’s one of the things that made me want to work for Obama.”[14]

Hilda Solis

In January 2009, Hilda Solis who has claimed to be inspired by Cesar Chavez was nominated by the Obama administration for the position of Secretary in the Department of Labor and confirmed in February 2009.[15] She enjoyed support from the Communist Party USA in her run for U.S. Congress in 2000.[16] She also has indirect ties to the Socialist International.[17] Solis was a keynote speaker at the 2005 Democratic Socialists of America national conference "Twenty-First Century Socialism" in Los Angeles, with DSA leaders Peter Dreier and Harold Meyerson.[18]

Cass Sunstein

In April 2009, Cass Sunstein was nominated by the Obama administration for the position of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the White House Office of Management and Budget.[19]

Antonio Villaraigosa

Shortly after winning the November 2008 election President-Elect Barack Obama appointed Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa to his Transition Economic Advisory Board. In 2009, Antonio Vilaraigosa was listed as an Endorsor of the Communist Party USA initiated Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday organization[20] As of March 2009, Antonio Villaraigosa was serving on the board of Institute for Americas Future.Template:Cite