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Ashara Ekundayo is a Oakland, California activist.

African Heritage Delegation to Palestine/Israel

The African Heritage Delegation to Israel/Palestine members, November 2014:

Media Contact: Jacob Pace, Interfaith Peace-Builders staff.[1]

"Brown is the New White"

February 4, 2016 -mImpact Hub Oakland 2323 Broadway, Oakland CA

Please join us for an evening celebrating Steven Phillips's new book Brown is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Created a New American Majority.

The event also features Marcus Shelby, John Santos with Manuel Constancio and Jose Roberto Hernandez, Aya de Leon (Poetry for the People); DJ Davey D from Hard Knock Radio; PolicyLink President and CEO, Angela Glover Blackwell; SF Supervisor Jane Kim; Mobilize the Immigrant Vote’s Jidan Koon, Ashara Ekundayo, music and more!

Co-presented by Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, Impact Hub Oakland, Bay Localize, Green for All, PolicyLink, and the Rosenberg Foundation.



Ashara Ekundayo, January 22, 2016; ·

With Osagyefo Sekou, Idalin Bobe, Ashley Yates, Tory Russell, Antoine White, Rika Tyler and Shanelle Matthews at ThoughtWorks San Francisco.

""Introduction to Black feminism"

"Intro to Black Feminism" hosted by Sendolo Diaminah Cazembe Jackson, and Adrienne Maree Brown.

Tuesday, August 15 at 8:30 PM

Created for Black August Practice Group.

Sendolo Diaminah August 15, 2017;

Black people! Tonight my beloved sister Adrienne Maree Brown is leading a web discussion about Black Feminism as part of a series of Black August political education sessions hosted by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and BOLD.[2]

Those indicating they would attend on Facebook included Ashara Ekundayo.


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