Anti-Intelligence Groups

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Anti-Intelligence Groups

This section is a temporary repository a lists of groups and publications concerning domestic groups in the U.S. who have consistently attacked, tried to subvert, or have tried to destroy the internal security agencies and supporting law enforcement agencies who handle internal security matters. There is a direct linear descent and relationship between the early Communist Party USA CPUSA front organizations, aided by Soviet fronts in trying to discredit and even dismantle the Federal Bureau of Investigation]] FBI, police "intelligence divisions", military intelligence agencies (ONI, OSI, MID, CID, etc)and especially the Central Intelligence Agency CIA, and parallel or interlinked groups that arose in the "New Left" from the late 1960's thru the 1980's.

Individual groups will eventually be given their own Keywiki page, but what is being created is a master list of these groups, and how they have been characterized by U.S. government congressional hearings, reports, studies, etc., governmental agency reports (esp. FBI), and local governmental agencies such as state government agencies/commissions, law enforcement agencies, and some military reports.

Some private research groups whose works have credibility will also be listed because they represent an alternative research resource that serious students of history and political movements should know about, and possible use. Some of these groups information, usually in the form of newsletters and reports, are not on the internet but hopefully will be in the future. The sheer volume of materials that need to be collected, specially missing issues of older publications, is almost overwhelming but an attempt is being made to get them.

Unfortunately, over time, a number of groups and investigative reporters who published reports on internal security, have gone out of business or ceased publication because of declining subscriptions, the death of key editors, etc. Their files have reportedly been donated to private foundations or libraries, and where discernible, they will be listed. This would include the massive files of the American Security Council, the Church League of America, the files of Betsy Osth, Ed Montgomery, Ed Hunter, and other internal security specialists from the 1950's through the 70's.

Many of the CPUSA fronts were formed for specific events, such as the Rosenbergtreason trials and appeal, but their real purpose was to attack the government agencies who investigated Soviet espionage, the U.S. prosecutors who handled the case, witnesses, including some former CPUSA members/spied who turned government witnesses, and the court system itself. The members of these "fronts" usually were found to be members of other CPUSA anti-law enforcement/intelligence groups, and over time have included the cited CPUSA fronts National Lawyers Guild [[NLG]; National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee NECLC; the NLG-creation the Center for Constitutional Rights CCR, formed by known CPUSA members/attorneys and sympathizers, as well as parallel CPUSA-fronts or heavily influenced organization.

The destruction of the congressional internal security committees/subcommittees by the Democrats from 1975 to 1985, as well as governmental investigating boards Loyalty Board Subversive Activities Control Board, and the old [[Civil Service Commission], the later which had an investigation arm to keep all kinds of subversives out of government employment, ensured that communist and other far-left extremists could easily penetrate the U.S. Government. The appointment by the Obama Administration of so many avowed communists, marxists, socialists, etc. to positions, such as "czars" and "presidential advisors", where no security investigation was needed, shows how crippled the U.S. Government's internal security system has been since the great onslaughts against it in the early 1970's. This also included the grave damage that the Church Committee, the Pike Committee and the Boland Committee did from 1975 to the 1980's, not to mentions some extensive damage done by the [{Watergate Committee]] investigations into the "White House Plumbers]] operations.

Some governmental hearings that will be listed here may seem to be of minor concern to the internal security issue but, in reality, they have far more importance than has ever been publicized, an importance that will be described with their listing.

Lists of Publications and Related Resources Pertaining to Attacks on U.S. Internal Security

Of specific importance is 'Chapter 7: "Crook": A Soviet Agent in Congress' about Rep. Samuel Dickstein D-NY, who was a paid Soviet agentfrom around 1937 to the early 1940's.

This committee investigated German operations in the U.S., especially the German-American Bund, a pro-Hitler, pro-Nazi movement which was eventually destroyed by the FBI and the Department of Justice during WW2; what were collectively known as Japanese imperialist organizations, i.e. support groups for Emperor Hirohito and Premier Tojo; and Soviet operations in the U.S., but espionage and subversive, along with its U.S. arm, the Communist Party USA CPUSA.

Major publications were put out by this committee until its demise in 1944 when a new House Committee on Un-American Activities HCUA was created to fulfill investigations for legislative purposes.

  • House Internal Security Committee HISC - Created in 1969, it lasted until 1975 when the Democrats refused to fund it, thus effectively killing it. Rep. John Conyers Jr reportedly had their files illegally sealed for between 50-75 years instead of the usual 25, a deal that Rep. John Rodino {D-NJ]] supported in his role as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which took over the internal security roles of the HISC. According to the last Rep. John Ashbrook R-OH and the late, murdered Rep. Larry McDonald D-Ga who was killed when South Korean Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet fighter in 1983, Rodino gave his word that the functions of HISC would be carried on by his Committee, but with Conyers in charge of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights which had jurisdiction in this area, there was never a chance that this would ever happen.

The real reason that Conyers prevented any real internal security investigations to be done, and had the files sealed long beyond what their regular archival retention schedule called for, was to prevent the public from gaining legitimate access to the "public files" to which they had a right, and to seeing which members of congress had ties to both CPUSA and Soviet fronts, operations and causes. [2]

  • Senate Judiciary Committee Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security SISS - Created in as an investigative and reporting arm of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the SISS dealt extensively with Soviet operations abroad and in the U.S., as well as with domestic terrorism, campus disorders, the New Left, and related security issues until the Democrats eliminated it in 1985, thus destroying the last congressional body that did any real serious internal security work and reported to the public.

Two of the most important hearings that this Committee held were:

While these hearings concerned Soviet Disinformation programs, the 1982 hearing also had information on the operations of the Soviet peace front the World Peace Council WPC and its US affiliate the US Peace Council USPC. Some lists of people involved in them in the U.S. were censored by the Democratic majority from the full text of the exhibit WPC Call From Washington D.C.: WPC Bureau Meeting International Dialogue for Disarmament and Detente, Washington D.C. January 25-28, 1978 by deliberately leaving out the names of U.S. Congressmen/women who either sponsored the USPC, hosted the delegation, or both.

Photographs of these Congressmen were left out, as well as any mention of their hosting a luncheon on Capitol Hill for this KGB supported operation. However, there are two sources for these omitted people, namely the full text of the booklet that the WPC issued about this delegation, and a brief but crucial two pages in the book The War Called Peace: The Soviet Peace Offensive, Western Goals, 1982[5]

The four major U.S. Representatives who hosted the WPC delegation at a congressional luncheon were:

From page 23 of this section, WPC 1978 Bureau Meeting, Washington D.C., is found the following sentence:

"The CPUSA press reported that members of the staff of Rep. Abner Mikva, D-ILL attended."

(More information on who attended the WPC affairs will be found under the KeyWiki section "World Peace Council" and some of them still have significant public visibility through the year 2010)

Specific Congressional Hearings Relative to Anti-Intelligence Groups

  • HCUA, Trial By Treason: The National Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell, August 25, 1956, and Part II, Hearings, August 4-5, 1955 including Index.
  • HCUA, Operation Abolition: The Campaign Against the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Government Security Program by the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee ECLC and Its Affiliates, a report by the HCUA, November 8, 1957 Operation Abolition
  • SISS, Proposed Antisubversion Legislation, Hearings, on various Senate bills, April 20, 21, 23, 24, 27-30, May 1, 5 & 15, 1959, Appendix to Part 1, The Case of Steve Nelson From the Records. (Also see VALB - Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade for more on Nelson)

  • HCUA, Communist Legal Subversion: The Role of the Communist Lawyer, HCUA, House Report No. 41, February 16, 1959, February 23, 1959
  • CalifSFFSUAA, , Twelveth? Report, 1965
  • CalifSFFSUAA, Thirteenth Report, 1967
  • CalifSFFSUAA, Fifteenth Report Un-American Activities in California, 1970, Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities to the 1970 Regular Session of the California Legislature, Sacramento, California

  • HISC, Revolutionary Activities Directed Toward the Administration of Penal or Correctional Systems, Parts 1-4, Hearings, resp. March 29 & May 1, 1973; June 25, July 12 & 25 (in part), 1973; July 24 & 25 (in part), 1973; and July 25 (in part), 1973, including Index (Testimony of Richard R. Norusis, Investigator, Minority Staff).
  • HISC, Revolutionary Target: The American Penal System, Report, HISC, House Report No. 93-738, December 18, 1973
  • HPSCI, Compilation of Intelligence Laws and Related Laws and Executive Orders of Interest to the National Intelligence Community As Amended through March 1, 1981, prepared for the use of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, March 1981
  • SISS, The Nationwide Drive Against Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations, Hearings, September 18, 1975
  • SISS, The Nationwide Drive Against Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations, Part 2, Hearings, ????/1975

  • HPSCI, Soviet Covert Action (The Forgery Offensive), Hearings, Feb. 6 & 19, 1980, House permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  • HPSCI, Soviet Active Measures, Hearings, July 13-14, 1982, Ibid.

Books and Similar Publications About Attacks on Internal Security

One of the best books on the destruction of America's internal security system can be found in a book by the first Chief Counsel of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, Robert Morris. Entitled [6], this book details how this dismantling took place over decades, naming names of those responsible, and what harm has been done to America's security.

Groups, Organizations, Conferences, Meetings, Protests and Similar Activities

This section will be a repository for listing various groups, events, etc. that have to do with the Anti-Intelligence Lobby and Anti-Intelligence Groups. See their individual listings at Keywiki for details. This will only be a brief synopsis or mention of the groups and individuals, events, etc.

Speakers included:

  • Counterspy '75- A 3-Day Conference Sponsored by KPFA, Oct. 10-12, 1975, San Francisco

Speakers included:

Listed speakers included:

From a flier entitled "Call to the Conference: The CIA and World Peace", sponsors

Committee for Public Justice was a part of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation

Speakers included: (More will be added from a more extensive set of documents on the group and their events)

See Counterspy Magazine Counterspy March 1973, issue No. 1



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