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Anna Bonomo is Campus Organizer at Democratic Socialists of America.

Albany DSA training

Anna Bonomo March 6 209·

Great weekend in Albany at the NY state pre-convention DSA conference! Nothing gives me more hope than being in a room with 100 socialists from across the state strategizing together and debating the pressing questions facing our org - and keeping it comradely the whole time! Can't wait to keep building DSA with you all. Biggest thanks ever to Capital District DSA, especially Jamie Munro, Dan Lyles, Peter Warren and Sean for making this conference possible. Now on to DC!


Everybody tag yourselves! — with Jamie Munro, Maria Svart, Ryan Bruckenthal, Chris Maisano, Zyad Hammad, Peter Warren, Nina Svirsky, Richard Chandonnet, Andrew Dobbyn, Sasha Hammad, Brian Escobar, Jeanette Zoeckler and Andrew Thomas.

DSA training

Anna Bonomo December 10, 2018 ·

Feeling inspired after a great organizing training with some incredible DSA leaders from Ohio, Michigan, PA and West Virginia. Socialism is coming to the Rust Belt thanks to these chapters, and I'm more confident than ever that we're going to win!

Big thanks to Columbus DSA for hosting us!!


Everybody tag yourselves! — with Maria Svart, Lindsey Disler, Joel McCarthy, Vince Tafolla, Simon Nathaniel Powell, G.L. Johnson, Becca Tasker, David Greve, Frances Gill, Jay Ting Walker and Kaitlin Marone.

DSA staffer

Beginning January 2019 s Anna Bonomo will work with Democratic Socialists of America chapters and OCs in Michigan.[1]