Ann Mauney

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Ann Mauney

Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace, 2008 members

Bernice Bass, Doris Benit, Sylvia Carroll, Judy Conder, Grace Hawkins, Ella Ruth Hunnicutt, Susan Keith, Ann Mauney, Betsey Miklethun, Bobbie Paul, Minnie Ruffin, Dot Shaw, Barbara Sherman, Gloria Tatum.[1]

March for Life

March 2018, several Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America members turned out to support the Grady H.S. students who walked out as part of the nation-wide protest demanding effective gun control legislation in the wake of the Parkland, FL massacre. It seemed that the whole school, including teachers and the principal, participated in the demonstration, which they held in the Grady sports stadium. After a moment of silence a few students gave brief, eloquent speeches and then the whole group marched around the track a few times before returning to classes, well beyond the announced 17 minutes. Barbara Joye, Reid Jenkins, Evan Seed, Lisa Ashway, Lorraine Fontana, Cecelia Cantrell and Ann Mauney were there from MADSA; Cecelia Cantrell, Lorraine Fontana, Ann Mauney and Barbara Joye were also members of Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace, which had brought many of the supporters.[2]