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Anika Lani Haynes is a mother and writer cut from Brooklyn cloth. she fashions herself a community worker who envisions social equality, financial resourcefulness and a good time for all oppressed/isolated peoples. her fiction and non-fiction has appeared in local periodicals and journals but can be most apparently seen in her seven year old son, Amir Sekou.[1]

Brecht Forum Baldwin event

JAMES BALDWIN: LIFE AND LEGACIES An Activist-Artist Round table , Brecht forum, 08/02/2007.

Join us for an activist round-table on the life and legacies of Black gay author/human rights activists James Baldwin, on the anniversary of his 81st birthday.

Panellists; Ajamu Sankofa Kenyon Farrow, Anika Lani Haynes, Reggie Gossett, Hank Williams.[2]