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Andrew Porter

DSA Renegotiate NAFTA petition

In 2009 Andrew Porter, Wooster Democratic Socialists of America, signed a petition calling on President Barack Obama to Renegotiate NAFTA. The petition was initiated and circulated by Democratic Socialists of America.[1]  

Hendrix Democratic Socialists

Members of the Democratic Socialists of Hendrix closed Facebook group, accessed November 3, 2017 included Andrew Porter.[2]

Young Democratic Socialists

As of September 2009 Andrew Porter was National Organizing Committee Facilitator of the Young Democratic Socialists[3].

Great Plains Young Democratic Socialists

Great Plains Young Democratic Socialists was a closed Facebook group for Midwestern Young Democratic Socialists members operating in 2011.

Members included Andrew Porter.

Public Facebook group

Members of the Young Democratic Socialists of Northern Indiana open Facebook group of May 1, 2017 included Andrew Porter.

Occupy panel

A Democratic Socialists of America at Occupy Wall Street panel was held at at Goddard-Riverside Community Center October 27, 2011 Goddard-Riverside Community Center

OccupyWallStreet We welcome a blue-ribbon panel of movement activists:

Socialist Punk Caucus

Members of Democratic Socialists of America's Socialist Punk Caucus closed Facebook group, accessed November 24, 2017, included Andrew Porter.[5]