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Andrew Kirk is North Texas activist. He is married to Robyn Kirk.


Studied Global, International, and Comparative history at Georgetown University.


Social Studies Teacher at Dallas ISD.

2021 exec

Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas 2021 executive==

Co-chairs Nora Soto, Alex Telecky, and Heather Allen.

North Texas Medicare For All Committee

Andrew Kirk Alliance/AFT is involved in the North Texas Medicare For All Committee.[2]

DSA North Texas Closed Facebook Group

Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas closed Facebook group members as of May 28, 2017 included Andrew Kirk.[3]

Texas DSA - Red State Rising

On March 16, 2017 Andrew Kirk was a member of the Texas DSA - Red State Rising closed Facebook group.[4]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Andrew Kirk.[5]

Solidarity Day School, Dallas

Solidarity Day School in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, March 10, 2018, the first in what we hope will become a quarterly series of Day Schools for local leftists, movement activists, and organizers, all with differing levels of familiarity with Marxist theory.

The event took place in two parts–the first held from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM in the Meadows Convention Center, a space designed to serve community organizers and area non-profits at no cost; the second at the Pan-Africa Connection from 7:30-9:00 PM, an amazing bookstore, art gallery, and cultural center in South Dallas.

Looking back on the Day School, one of the most significant outcomes was the opportunity it provided to expand existing projects, including a collaboration with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas to fight for a living wage for support staff employed by the Dallas Independent School District. Following a hallway conversation between Andrew Kirk (DSA and AFT) and Shannon Carter (DFW Solidarity and the Greens), Shannon met with union staff and membership at the AFT Offices in Dallas in an attempt to complement their ongoing campaign with a community organizing tool designed to facilitate storytelling (Roadside Theatre’s “Story Circle”), which she has used successfully in other contexts (with incarcerated women and seniors in Dallas and with social-justice oriented academics in Boulder, Colorado). For months, this fight has been a priority among North Texas DSA membership, with Andrew Kirk (DSA and AFT) and Zoe Holden (DFW Solidarity and DSA) taking lead. A key strategy has been to gather testimonials from cafeteria workers, custodians, and support staff to present at upcoming DISD Board meetings..[6]

North Texas DSA

Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas March 10 ·


With Andrew Kirk, Lee Daugherty, John Bhadelia and Steve Roberts.