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Anabel Maldonado is Demand2Learn Campaign Manager at ACLU of Arizona.

Working with NVM

New Virginia Majority November 8 2019·


This week we're saying goodbye to Liz Luna, Anabel Maldonado, Anakarina Rodriguez, and Shelley Jackson, who came to us all the way from ARIZONA 🌵as @ourinstituto fellows to help us with GOTV for the past month. They're all incredible organizers and we will miss them dearly! 🧡

Lucha Arizona people

Lucha Arizona November 10, 2015;


Today, we made history!

Thank you to all the community, organizations, and elected officials, volunteers but above all, thank you to the brave and courageous workers who are standing up for all workers in the country for the #fightfor15 — with Pita J. Samayoa, , Anabel Maldonado, Yosselin Benavides, Xochitl Rayas, Viridiana Hernandez, Natacha Chavez, Anel Luisa Mercado, Patrick Morales, Andrea Adum, Raquel Teran, Ian Danley, Araceli Becerra, Ken Chapman, Esmeralda Garcia, Richard Andrade, Tomas E. Robles, Jr., Cristina Gallardo-Sanidad, Aldo Gonzalez, Chris Fleischman, Antonio Valdovinos and Michael Angulo at LUCHA - Living United for Change in Arizona.