Ana Hernandez (Austin)

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Ana Hernandez

Ana Hernandez is a Major: Latin American Studies, History at the University of Texas, Austin.


Ana Hernandez, a student in the Human Rights & Social Justice BDP, spent her summer in Nicaragua interviewing locals and conducting archival research to develop a better understanding of land rights for the indigenous peoples of Nicaragua.[1]

“Toxicity of Fraternity Culture”

The Progressive Student Organization (PSO), which unites members of various progressive groups at UT, hosted the open panel discussion May 2015, discussing fraternities “Toxicity of Fraternity Culture”. Ana Hernandez, Latin American studies senior and member of PSO, said the discussion aimed to provide a safe space to talk about sensitive topics, including racism and rape, and give a voice to marginalized groups, such as women and minorities.

PSO wants to have conversations with fraternity members in order to enact change from within, according to Hernandez.

“People already in the frat community have more access to spread the message [of change] because they are part of [fraternities],” Hernandez said.[2]


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