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Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is a journalist and co-host of Democracy Now!'s news show.

Socialism 2018

Amy Goodman was a speaker at Socialism 2018, an annual socialist gathering sponsored by the International Socialist Organization held in Chicago, Illinois in July 2018.[1] Go to the main page of ISO Socialism Conference...

As of February 14 2018, contributors to Promoting Enduring Peace flagship magazine include Medea Benjamin, Amy Goodman, Joseph Daher, Arik Ascherman, George Gantz, Joseph Gerson, Jeff Halper, Conn Hallinan, Kathy Kelly, Ralph Nader, Stanley Heller, Andy Piascik, Melinda Tuhus, and Mazin Qumsiyeh.

Spoke at Socialism 2016 Conference

Some of our Speakers at Socialism 2016 included:


Pioneer Valley Workers Center March 21 2019·


With Lisa Baskin, Rose Goldstein Bookbinder, Claudia Lefko, Bob Gardner, Amy Goodman, Vijay Prashad, Frances Crowe, Ben Moss-Horwitz, Chuku Ploos and Lois Ahrens.

Supporting Aristide

On April 7 2004 in the Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College. A multinational crowd of 2,000, mainly people from Haiti and the English-speaking Caribbean, packed the hall to hear a program entitled "An Evening with Friends of Haiti: The Truth Behind the Haiti Coup."

A broad range of speakers and cultural performers ignited the stage for three-and-a-half hours to express heartfelt anti-imperialist solidarity with the besieged Caribbean country. Haiti has once again suffered a horrific atrocity with the U.S.-orchestrated kidnapping of its democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, on Feb. 29.

The rally was co-chaired by Kim Ives and Karine Jean-Pierre from Haiti Support Network (HSN), with Pat Chin and Sara Flounders from the Workers World Party controlled International Action Center.

Other speakers included Alina Sixto, Family Lavalas New York/Tri-State Area; Rep. Major Owens of Brooklyn; Mario Dupuy, Aristide's state secretary of communication; Don Rojas, Amy Goodman and Bernard White, WBAI-Pacifica Radio; Ray LaForest, Haitian labor organizer, District Council 1707; Brian Concannon, human-rights attorney; Brooklyn College student Starr Bernard; Serge Lilavois, Support Committee for PPN; Los Angeles anti-police brutality activist Michael Zinzun; Dominican activist Marc Torres; and Haitian performers Marguerite Laurent and Phantoms[3].

Honoring a socialist

According to Mark Finkel, in 2005 Herb Robb, a charter member of Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee, was honored by the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, with whom Nassau Co. Democratic Socialists of America members frequently work; Amy Goodman was among the speakers.[4]

FightingBobFest speaker

Amy Goodman was a guest speaker at Wisconsin's annual progressive Fighting Bob Fest, in 2006.[5]

CAIR banquet

More than 1,000 people turned out November 2006 at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) banquet in Arlington, Va., to hear addresses by several elected officials, including Keith Ellison, the first Muslim in Congress.

The event raised more than $620,000 to support CAIR's civil rights and advocacy work on behalf of the American Muslim community.

Elected officials who spoke at the sold-out event included Representative-elect Ellison (D-MN), as well as Reps. Mike Honda (D-CA), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Albert Wynn (D-MD). Ellison and Jackson Lee offered their addresses by video. Saqib Ali, who was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates (District 39) on November 7, was also in attendance.

Other speakers included Special Agent in Charge Joseph Persichini, Jr. of the FBI's Washington Field Office, Fairfax County Police Chief Col. David M. Rohrer and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. Most members of CAIR's national board also took part in the banquet, which was emceed by Julia Shearson of CAIR-Ohio's Cleveland office.

Several Muslim community members received CAIR Islamic Community Service Awards during the dinner. The annual CAIR Rosa Parks Civil Liberties Scholarship went to Raashida Muhammad of Stillman College.[6]

2009 YDS conference

YDS’s Chris Maisano introduces Amy Goodman, Joseph Schwartz, and Bill Fletcher, Jr.

From February 27th to March 1st, 2009 Young Democratic Socialists held its national outreach conference, “Beyond the Ballot: Making the Movement Matter,” at the Academy of Environmental Science in New York City. The event focused on developing strategies for building progressive and radical social movements to push the Obama administration to the left. YDS successfully increased the prominence of socialist politics in workshops and plenaries while articulating why building a democratic socialist organization is necessary to achieve even moderate reforms, let alone a serious power shift from capital to labor.

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, spoke on the plenary “Now, the Hard Part: Movement Building Under Barack Obama,” with Democratic Socialists of America member Bill Fletcher, Jr., a veteran radical trade unionist, and DSA Vice-Chair and Temple University Professor Joseph Schwartz. Reminding the audience of the important role that media play in making and breaking progressive change, Goodman encouraged activists to use grassroots forms of communication, while admitting the limitation of mainstream media in promoting anti-establishment viewpoints, even when they are popular. Fletcher reminded the audience that socialism is more than just a topic for study groups and spoke about the need to critically examine social movements and organizations in order to better the movement we already have. Schwartz proclaimed that there is social democracy in the United States – but that it is restricted to the affluent in American suburbs with their excellent public schools and services. He added that a key goal of democratic socialists is to expand such social benefits to all. All speakers agreed that the Obama administration offered an opening to social movements but that we need to have one foot in the system and one in the streets. Visible protest with direct demands would help distance Obama from his corporate backers. [7]

Izzy Award

Glenn Greenwald, unknown, Amy Goodman

The Izzy Award is named after maverick journalist (and Soviet spy) I. F. Stone. Presented annually for "special achievement in independent media," the Izzy Award goes to an independent outlet, journalist, or producer for "contributions to our culture, politics, or journalism created outside traditional corporate structures".

The judges are communications professor and author Robert McChesney; Linda Jue, director and executive editor at the G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism; and Jeff Cohen, director of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College.

The inaugural Izzy Award for 2009 was presented to blogger Glenn Greenwald and Democracy Now! host and executive producer Amy Goodman.

Roughly 800 people attended the award ceremony at Ithaca’s State Theatre – including Izzy Stone’s son Jeremy Stone, who spoke briefly.[8]

Physicians for a National Health Program

The March 3, 2012 7th Physicians for a National Health Program Western Washington Annual Public Meeting featured speakers Quentin Young, MD, National Coordinator for Physicians for a National Health Plan, Amy Goodman, author and the host of Democracy Now!, Teresa Mosqueda, Legislative and Policy Director of the Washington State Labor Council and Chair of the Healthy Washington Coalition, and Representative Jim McDermott, Congressman for the WA 7th CD.

The PNHPWW Board awarded its 2012 John Geyman Health Justice Advocate Award to David Loud, health reform activist who has worked as a hospital worker, union organizer and now is Jim McDermott's staff aide for community outreach. [9]

IPS connection


The People's Forum

Joe Catron March 15 2019:


With ‎‎‎‎أحمد ابو ارتيمه‎, Abier Ismail El-masri, Bud Korotzer‎, Amy Goodman, Ann Shirazi, Pamela Sporn, Ahmad Shirazi and Carrington Morris‎ at The People's Forum.