American Solidarity Movement

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The American Solidarity Movement was organized by Democratic Socialists of America, circa 1983, to support American labor unions it considered under attack, or on strike and in need of support.

Initiating Committee

Members of the Initiating Committee for an American Solidarity Movement were: Michael Harrington (convenor), Stanley Aronowitz, Balfour Brickner, Harry Britt, Harvey Cox, Rep. Ron Dellums, Bogdan Denitch, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cynthia Epstein, Jules Feiffer, Rep. Barney Frank, Msgr. George Higgins, Irving Howe, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Frances Fox Piven, Jose Rivera, Ray Rogers, Gloria Steinem, Peter Steinfels, Ellen Willis.[1]


Circa 1984, July 17, at the Great Electronic Underground, San Francisco, American Solidarity Movement organized a reception "Solidarity"at the Democratic Party Convention, in support of US labor.[2]


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