American-Israel Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

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American-Israel Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace


In 1988, an ad appeared in the Washington Jewish Week newspaper, paid for by a group calling itself the America-Israel Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (AICIPP), located at P.O. Box 486, new Town Br., Boston, Massachusetts, 02258. It had a clip-out coupon at the bottom of the full length, 2 column ad which said "Help Support Peace in the Middle East", Please add my signature to the above appeal, and Please accept my tax deductible contribution to help defray the cost of this ad and to disseminate its message. Checks should be made payable to AICIPP. (The Jewish Advocate, Boston's major Jewish newspaper, refused to print this ad).

The ad was entitled "End The Israeli Occupation of The West Bank and Gaza Strip", and had the following text.

"More than 20 Palestinians were killed and over 160 were injured last month in the worst outbreak of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since Israel occupied these territories in 1967." (KW: This was known as the First Intifada).

"A Turning Point Has Been Reached. For the First Time Ever -

  • 700,000 Arab citizens of Israel demonstrated support for the protests in the territories.
  • 50 Israeli youths are refusing to perform their military service in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. (New York Times, December 18, 1987).
  • Increasing numbers of Israelis and American Jewish leaders are expressing their concerns about the effects of the occupation on Israeli democracy.

"We Jews and Arabs believe that continuation of the occupation will only lead to more violence. We support a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-palestinian conflict to unsure both Israeli and Palestinian national rights. So do a growing number of Israelis including former Defense Minister Ezer Weiszman."

"We call for an end to the occupation through the convening of an international peace conference on the Middle East with the participation of all parties to the Arab-israeli conflict including Israel and the PLO."

"We urge you to join our call. Only when Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs enter into direct negotiations will the violence cease."

AICIPP Letter and Letterhead of May 1989

The following is the full text of a May 1989 letter by AICIPP and the names of its "Advisory Council".

"Dear Friends:"

"The enclosed flyer explains that the Illinois office of AICIPP will be closed from June 1 through the end of 1989, during my temporary absence overseas. i am using the Washington office stationary in order to stress that all correspondence and inquiries should now be directed there, through the end of the year. The Illinois office will re-open in January 1990."

"We will continute to distribute "The Other Israel" as usual and are enclosing issue No. 36. In some cases, the date above your name on the mailing label indicateds what we believe to be the date of your last contribution or subscription payment. But we ask all of you who receive remittance envelopes with this mailing to subscribe or renew your subscription to "The Other Israel," or to send a contribution to continue our effort to improve chances for a political settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"Hilda Silverman in Washington has available on request a memorandum and proposal for action prepared by the ACLU legislative office in Washington, primarily regarding the denial of visas to officials of the PLO. Hilda has been working closely with the ACLU on this issue. It is important to note that this is an issue with immediate practical consequences. If an amendment that was approved in the House Judiciary Committee in June 1988 were to be reintroduced and enacted into law, it would preclude all visits to the U.S. by PLO officials, for whatever reason. They would not be able to come here to speak at conferences, meet with government officials, or confer with American Arabs and Jews. The cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace would be set back accordingly."

"We encourage you to write Hilda for a copy of the ACLU memo, especially if your congressperson is a member of the House Committee on the Judiciary (list of members attached). We hope you will urge your representatives in Congress to oppose any legislation that would deny visas to all PLO members or spokespersons."

"Please send us your subscription, renewal or contribution check today. We very much appreciate your interest and support."

"Sincerely", Mary Appelman, Chairperson

Advisory Council:


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