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Allison DeJong is a New Orleans activist.

New leadership

June 2019, a number of candidates ran for local council seats in New Orleans Democratic Socialists of America, with Jordan Flaherty elected as a new co-chair alongside re-elected Co-Chair Michael Ifeoma Esealuka

The entire elected Local Council includes Zach D. and Sophie Kosofsky as at-large Local Council members, Logan Y. as membership chair, Alli DeJong as treasurer, and Ryan S. as secretary. Michael Ifeoma Esealuka, Sue M., Frances Gill, Joshua Lewis, and Jordan Flaherty were chosen to represent the chapter at DSA’s upcoming National Convention in August.[1]



Alli DeJong is co-chair of New Orleans Democratic Socialists of America.[2]

I’m Alli DeJong, a founding member of New Orleans DSA and the current co-chair. Over the past year I have led the bylaws drafting and revision process, represented us at the national convention, developed our incorporation paperwork, and assisted other organizers with our campaigns and actions. I’m running for re-election because I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together and I know we can accomplish even more in the next year: building our base through committee-led campaigns, growing our internal capacity, and becoming more involved in local struggles where a socialist perspective can shift public policy. I am a socialist with a MBA who can handle the regulatory, legal, and financial considerations, freeing our chapter’s organizer-members to accomplish extraordinary things. I will keep us connected to DSA National and other chapters, so that we can be a leading voice for socialist organizing in the Gulf South. I will do everything I can to make DSA New Orleans a powerful voice and force for socialism.
I first came here in the summer of 2006 to live and work (volunteer labor) at Common Ground Collective in the Ninth Ward. Common Ground, at that time, was a collective of volunteers working to bring residents back home post-Katrina by gutting homes, remediating mold, offering legal services and health care, giving away food and cleaning supplies, and more. It was a complicated endeavor that managed to accomplish good things every day in chaotic conditions. It was also my first brush with leftist organizing, and I learned many valuable lessons.[3]