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Alistair Shaw

Alistair Charles Shaw is a New Zealand activist and former student leader. Lives in Horsham, Victoria.

He is Executive Director at New Zealand Union of Students' Associations. Shaw has been involved with Christina Rizos and Nikki Burrows.


  • Studied at Victoria University of Wellington
  • Studied at The University of Auckland
  • Studied at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington
  • Went to Glendowie College



Shaw became interested in politics researching a 4th form project on socialism.

Shaw reportedly got a foot up economically, when he applied for an AUSA job, but was refused because of his political views). He threatened to sue, winning a settlement that is said to have paid the deposit on a house.

Auckland University activism

1989 - works on Craccum.

1989 stood for SRC chair.

1990 4th year varsity. [1]

1991 Julian La Valette, Alistair Shaw, Richard Cornes and Robert Bennett, stood on a ticket for AUSA elections. 5th year. Shaw aims to finish BA/Llb in 1992.[2]

1991/92 Treasurer AUSA.

While at Auckland, Shaw earned a BA in Economics.


1993 - VP NZUSA, during this period NZUSA re-established links with Asian Students Association.[3]

1994 VP NZUSA, visited Otago in March & met with Aotearoa Youth Network, Logan Sisley of Gay Boys On Campus, EAG, overseas students etc. [4]

mid 90s allegedly financed his house deposit with a scam at Auck uni. Arranged to apply for an AUSA job and was turned down for his political opinions threatened to sue and was given a settlement.

28th June, 1994 - attended meeting at house of Canterbury University chaplain Jim Stuart, to mediate problems between UCSA, EAG, ARM & NZUSA.[5]

People's Network

Individuals contributing to the People's Network's Common Ground included Azziz Choudry , Don Borrie , Don Ross (leader of the Organisation for Marxist Unity), Paul Maunder, Jim Delahunty, Ben Nathan , Moana Cole, Murray Horton leader of CAFCA), Madeleine Burdon (formerly in the Maoist controlled, Working Womens Alliance) Oliver Hoffman (Green Party), Alistair Shaw, David Fleming, Cybele Locke, Lisa Beech, Steve Collett, Joss Debreceny and Kyle Matthews -all Aotearoa Youth Network, David Small (ex Canterbury University Progressives Club), Tauni Sinclair (planned to visit Cuba in January 1997), Noeleen Landrigan, Kevin McBride, Jim Consedine, Jeff Drane, Josie Lander, Peter Healey (all Catholic activists, priests or nuns), Sue Bradford, Bill Bradford, Robert Reid and Maxine Gay (all former members of the Workers Communist League).

AYN regional contacts

AYN number 24, 1995

1993 - Wellington Contact for Aotearoa Youth Network.[6]

Oct. 1994 Wellington AYN contact. [7]


1993 - member of Peace Movement Aotearoa Working Group, from Wellington. [8]

BOOF/Peoples Assembly

1993 - member National Organising Group (NOG) for Peoples Assembly for Building Our Own Futures Project. [9]

Victoria University activism

Early 1996 VUWSA executive member, Education Officer. Voted with Shaun Wakelin, Audrey Teasdale, and Suzanne Moran to exclude outside speakers at campus debate on police on campus. [10]

1996 Standing for 97 VUWSA presidency, so is Audrey Teasdale, pro Alliance Party of New Zealand, pro socialist. [11]

1995 - Article in Salient No 4, member of Not In Our Name, pakeha group against Fiscal Envelope.

1995 - TURFS activist. [12]

1995 - founder and establishment coordinatr Student Workers Advice Centre. [13]

1995 - Victoria University Education Action Group spokesman. [14]

1997/98 VUWSA President.

1998 - commissioned book "A Radical Tradition" a VUWSA centennial history. [15]

1999 - VUWSA Office Manager.

1999 - tutoring school of economics and finance, doing Hons. [16]

1999 - UNITE! student coordinator, Victoria University. [17]


1994 - member of Next Step Democracy Movement Core Group. [18]

1994 - visited Massey University Peace Group with Dawn Tuckwood to promote NSDM. [19]

Radical Society

1995 - contact for Victoria University Radical Society with Christina Rizos. Same address as Rizos. [20]

1996 - Radical Society Core Group. [21]

1996 - article in first issue of Outburst on Radical Society joining Asian Students Association.

April 1996 - Representing Radical Society at at Asian Students Association meeting in Nepal. [22]

AYN March 1996 says Shaw is going to Nepal for ASA meeting, and National Conference of Student Unity in Bangladesh and hopes to Manila for Youth Conference organized by Japan Socialist Party and extend links with the League of Filipino Students.

1996, AYN 31 says Shaw attended ASA exec meeting in Katmandu, also met Burmese students in Thailand.

2000 - Victoria University Radical Society spokesman.[23]

2001 - Editor of Outburst. [24]

In April 2001 Alistair Shaw, Nick Henry and James Southgate were contacts for Victoria University Radical Society.[25]

2004 - still Victoria contact Radical Society.

Activism in Aotearoa

1995 - on organising committee for Activism in Aoteoroa Workshops to be held at Moores Valley, Wellington. Jan 20-24.

1997 - contact in AYN April 97, for Activism in Aoteoroa Workshops.

1997 - ran solidarity session Activism in Aoteoroa, with Norman Uy Carnay (League of Filipino Students) and Johnathon Lein (Burmese student). [26]

Public Interest

1998 - stood for Wellington City Council on Public Interest ticket.


Late 1994, Shaw traveled to Vietnam.


1998, Shaw gave a paper to a conference in Portugal.[27]

East Timor

1999 - Shaw and Tim Howard went to East Timor as observers.


1999 - went to Indonesia, wore Lenin T shirt, article in Salient 15, 2001 on trip, says Wahid suggested unbanning Parti Komunist Indonesia but got not a supporter in house.

Supporting communist revolution

2000, Shaw wrote an article in Salient No. 6;

We pledge support to the New Peoples Army, the armed forces of the Peruvian Communist Party, the troops fighting feudalism, imperialism and capitalism in Nepal, and the just struggle of the Bouganville Revolutionary Army

China connections

2000 - member Asian Studies Board, Victoria University.

Circa 2002 - President Post Graduate Students Association, Victoria, doing Asian Studies Phd on NZ-China people to people diplomacy, member of VUWSA trust. [28]

2002 - attended Hamilton Conference of the New Zealand/China Friendship Society.

2003 - spent time in language school in Beijing, age 34.

2004 - National conference New Zealand/China Friendship Society. Alistair Shaw, Treasurer(Wellington Branch), presented his research into NZ youth and student visits into China and their reactions, supported by video footage. He stressed the importance of involving more young people in the Society.

2005 - New executive member New Zealand/China Friendship Society.


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