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Lansing rally

Severin Mortensen June 7, 2021. Lansing, MI - 120 protesters rallied for Palestine at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing. After handing out flags, signs and water, the crowd gathered on the capitol steps to hear from the organizers and to chant, “Free, free Palestine!”

The spirited crowed then took to the streets and marched through Lansing chanting, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" and "Gaza, Gaza, don't you cry, Palestine will never die!"

Many cars honked their horns in support and Black residents came out of their homes to raise a fist and cheer. A few local people even joined the march.

“Hey Biden you should know. Israel has got to go! Hey Biden you will see. Palestine will be free!” was the chant as protesters arrived at the office of U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin, of Michigan’s 8th congressional district - a former CIA analyst. Outside a six-story office building, the protesters demanded Slotkin co-sponsor a modest reform, House Resolution 2590, which would put conditions on U.S. aid to Israel.

Outside Slotkin's office, several speakers took to a microphone, including Hannine Aqel, who spoke about the suffering of her cousins in Palestine. Next was Sam Burton, who spoke about the rapidly expanding solidarity of young American Jews with Palestine. The final speaker was Alex Sahouri, who expressed support for the armed Palestinian resistance and criticized Israel for air strikes in the densely populated Gaza strip.[1].