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Alex Budd is an Oregon activist. Alex first came to Oregon several years ago from Colorado where he grew up playing in the Rocky Mountains and first discovered his passion for organizing to protect the natural world. Alex first met Rural Organizing Project through the Precious Dirt and the Freedom from Pesticides Alliance’s local ordinance campaign.

After a living room conversation that asked, “What do you need to still be living in this community 20 years from now?” Alex helped form the Josephine County Racial Justice Working Group of which Alex serves on the leadership team. Josephine County Racial Justice Working Group’s bold organizing over the last 18 months has included multiple racial justice trainings, study groups, movie nights, community strategy sessions, and actions for Black Lives Matter. Alex brings to the ROP Board a deep passion for building a movement for justice at the intersections of issues and boundless energy for innovative organizing.[1]


Rural Organizing Project board as of 2015;[2]