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Alex Baker is a Data Specialist at TargetSmart.


Team Casey

Casey Clowes December 14 2019·


60 days until ballots are mailed out! Team Casey is out and knocking a door near you🚪 — with Orion DiFranco, Patrick Pagnozzi, Alex Baker, Jose Luis Munguia, Casey Erin Clowes, Katelynn Showers, Brittany Molina and Cameron Adams.

Supreme Court protest

Belen Sisa April 2, 2018.


With Edder Diaz Martinez, Oscar Hernandez Ortiz, Vasthy Lamadrid, Erika Andiola, Perla Martinez, Alex Baker, Cormac Doebbeling, Jocelyn Gallardo, Isela Blanc, David Garcia, Jake Bell for Arizona, Korina Iribe-Romo, Isa ONeal, Karina Ruiz and Garrick McFadden at Arizona Supreme Court.