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Alan Marston

Alan Marston is a New Zealand internet entrepreneur and activist.


Raised in Dunedin, son of Socialist Unity Party member Jack Marston. A longtime teacher. Alan Marston has reportedly been been to Moscow for training.

Socialist Unity Party

1975 - Socialist Unity Party candidate for Manukau at Election.

1977 Sept., showed film to Dunedin branch of SUP of his travels through Central & South America, London & Moscow. Included May Day rally in Peru & Red Square march past commemorating 59th anniversary of the revolution.

1979 Sept. 3, wrote article in Tribune "Teachers programme for action" about annual conference of PPTA held in Wellington 21-23 August. He said it was "a significant event for what is rapidly becoming a united and militant organisation in defence of teachers and education in this country . . . it could be said that teachers went 'political'."

1980 Aug. 11, wrote article in SUP's Socialist Politics "Trotskyism".

1980 - allocated responsibilities by Auckland Regional Committee of the SUP in areas of education and youth.[1]

1982 - wrote article in Socialist Politics (3) on "Youth, Socialist Politics and the role of the Party."

1982 - wrote article in Issue 4 of Socialist Politics on "The Political Economy of Adaption to Crisis".

1983 - wrote article in Socialist Politics (1) "The Political Economy of Adaption in Crisis, Part II: Targets of State-Capital Regulation in New Zealand and in (2) part III of the same article.

1984 June 11, mentioned in Tribune article as player in soccer match between SUP and HART.

1984/85 wrote article in 84/4 85/1 issue of Socialist Politics "Trade Union Unity - Prospects for a Council of Trade Unions".

Mid 1980s - associate (non voting) member of SUP Central Committee, also vocal at conferences. Very dedicated communist. [2]

1985 May 27, wrote article in Tribune reporting an evening jointly organized by SUP and youth group Raukaunui. It "is a group of young people working together to get politics injected into the great untouched masses of young people around the place." 80-100 people attended.

Mid 1980s - A.M. listed Auckland City Branch SUP. [3]

1987, April 13, article in Tribune on Soviet schools.

1987-89, on editorial board of SUP's theoretical journal Socialist Politics.

1989 - A.M. listed as attending SUP Auckland regional conference. [4]

Peace activism

1986 became Auckland secretary of the New Zealand Council for World Peace. [5]

1988 - probably the A.Ma. listed as member SUPs Commission on Peace and Solidarity.[6]

1989 - secretary of Auckland branch of New Zealand Council for World Peace. Welcomed a Soviet Peace Committee to New Zealand, late April.[7]

Circa 1989 - attended New Zealand Council for World Peace conference in Wellington.

1991 - resigned as Auckland secretary New Zealand Council for World Peace.

1995 Article in Aotearoa Youth Network newsletter no. 30 on French nuclear tests.

Education/"peace" activism

1983 - wrote letter to editor of PPTA news on "peace education". "As a union member I ask that PPTA takes up this question of survival or extinction and devotes as a minimum an issue of "PPTA News" to the problems of world peace, nuclear arms and New Zealand's role in reversing the arms race." He then invited anyone who wanted more details on the nuclear issue to write to him in Auck at his home address.[8]

1984 - on Auckland regional Post Primary Teachers Association committee.

1985 - a delegate to the first peace education conference organized by the Dept of Education. Marston said the conference should be open to parents. "Alan described the peace studies development at the conference as "very embryonic" and one that would become part of the overall review of the school curriculum."[9]

Late 1980s - leading organiser of Students and Teachers Organising for Peace (STOP).

1989 - Teacher, Glendowie College, Auckland.


1984 - Auckland Secretary Combined State Unions.


1990 - reported that Auckland New Zealand Council for World Peace was working with Auckland Green Coalition on Anti Frigates issue.[10]

1991 - Auckland regional co-ordinator of the Green Party.[11]

1991 July/Aug., wrote article in Green paper "Greenstone" "Drive to Destruction", on GATT.

1992 Owner of the Pa Publishing Company (Box 68-578, Auckland), publishing Green Party's paper Greenweb, Greenpeace material and Alliance Party advertisiing for local body elections.

1992 - co-ordinating all Alliance Party propaganda for Auckland local body elections. [12]


1994 - Auckland contact for PlaNet, a nationwide progressive computer network.[13]

2002 - managing director at PlaNet Internet.

2002 - recently Rick Shera was interviewed by Alan Marston of PlanetTV for his site and for Triangle (Auckland) and another of the regional TV stations on the Crimes Amendment Bill, interception, privacy etc.

2002 - s he did last year, Alan Marston of PlaNet TV filmed the whole thing - Roger Awards (the resulting 30 minute documentary, "A Bad Business", screened on Auckland regional channel, Triangle TV, on May 12).

2002 - founder of the PlaNet internet provider service, Alan Marston, approached Prometheus Fund last year for completion finance for his eco-home in Puhoi, north of Auckland. Alan's house, carefully sited in a native bush setting, had been built with ecological, social and personal sustainability goals in mind.

The house was built using only non-toxic, sustainable natural materials and incorporated energy self-sufficiency and covenants on the native bush. Social concerns were reflected in the choice of only local suppliers for all materials, fixtures and fittings while personal sustainability goals were met by designing the house to enable compatibility between personal lifestyle and business needs.

The difficulties of borrowing from banks for home-building and constrictions on cash-flow meant that Alan required a more flexible source of finance to complete his dream home. Having had a long association with Alan in other fields, Prometheus was happy to facilitate the completion of this creative project.

Privacy meeting

RIP Privacy Big Brother Is Bugging You Public Meeting To Oppose Swain Bill.

The Crimes Amendment Bill will allow police and security services to snoop into any of our emails.

A PUBLIC MEETING is being held at 7.30p.m. on Friday 23rd February, 2001, at the METHODIST CENTRAL MISSION HALL 370 Queen Street, Auckland (opposite Town Hall).

SPEAKERS Keith Locke, Green MP Tim McBride, Chair of the Auckland Council for Civil Liberties, Alan Marston, of internet service provider PlaNet.

Workers Charter

Listed in Unity Sept. 2005 as endorsing the Workers Charter, PlaNet Auckland.



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