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Template:TOCnestleft African People's Socialist Party is supported by the mainly white Uhuru Solidarity Movement.


In May of 1972, at a time when the Black Liberation Movement had been destroyed as a movement and in a climate of political terror and brutal repression, Chairman Omali Yeshitela founded the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

The APSP was formed by the merging of three organizations. The dominant organization was JOMO because of its political experience, longer history and its base in the working class base and character. The other two organizations were the Black Rights Fighters from Ft. Myers, Florida and the Black Study Group of Gainsville, Florida.[1]



African People's Socialist Party leadership November 19, 2018. To: Gazi Kodzo who was expelled from the party.

From: Omali Yeshitela, Chairman

2017 Plenary

The African People's Socialist Party (APSP) held its 2017 Plenary on January 7 through 9, 2017 at its headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL.

The theme for the Plenary was “Putting Revolution Back on the Agenda.”

The Plenary was a revolutionary experience in every sense of the word as over 100 comrades traveled from all around the country and as far away as the Caribbean (Bahamas) and Europe (Sweden). The three-day Plenary was filled with political education, dynamic reports of the Party’s work for 2016, a variety of cultural performances and even an African naming ceremony.

The Plenary was kicked off early Saturday morning, as attendees filed into a packed and beautifully decorated Akwaaba Hall. There were the Party’s Red, Black and Green flags with the red star in the center lining each column as well as the world “revolution” and “APSP” spelled out in bold red letters.

Chief of Staff Ekenge Mayele opened up the event by greeting the attendees as the “best sons and daughters of Africa.”

She then introduced APSP’s Chairman Omali Yeshitela as “the leader of the new free world” as he entered to the ethereal vocals of comrade Lola as she sang Bob Marley’s “War.”

The Three Drowned Black Girls Campaign Chair, Alike Anai, then led the comrades in the recital of the African Pledge.

The Party’s Freedom Choir then led the attendees in the newly-created African National Fight Song.

The Chairman then took to the stage amid wild cheering and applause.

He quickly began discussing the new era of African political life and the wave of masses of African working class people joining the revolution before beginning the reading the APSP’s 2017 Political Report.

He stated that “the Party is that critical force that has assumed custody of the revolutionary struggle.” The Chairman declared that unlike so many organizations that claim to be revolutionary, “we are just who we say we are.”

He spoke to the real definition of socialism as meaning the workers owning the means of production.

He explained the Party’s various economic institutions as the vehicle for reparations and collective power as opposed to capitalist gains. He stated “we don’t just talk about socialism, we make it happen.”

The Chairman emphasized the importance of leadership and structure as new members are joining our ranks everyday. He told the audience that “every member of the Party is a leader in their community, job, prison wing, campus etc.”

Deputy Chair Ona Zene Yeshitela gave an in-depth presentation on the economic development of the Party and the state of Africa due to parasitic capitalism and colonialism.

She gave updates on the progress of the Party’s various economic institutions and stressed the need for Africans to take back our resources and to liberate the Continent.

DC Ona declared that “we are not looking for charity. We are looking for the emancipation of our resources.” She went on by saying “recapturing our resources are apart of reparations. We want it all back.”

The National Office of Recruitment and Membership’s (NORM) president Gazi Kodzo was introduced by 15-year-old revolutionary Iniko Kitemoma before the office presented a skit parody of the movie The Matrix. The skit’s plot was that you can take one pill and join the revolution or you take another and stay complacent and colonized.

Gazi spoke on the progress made by NORM which can be seen by the many Africans that are joining the Party. He also introduced a team of new comrades that have joined NORM to continue the work of bringing the masses to political life.

Throughout this three-day strategic planning session, every organization within the Party presented the wins and contradictions of our work in 2016 to the African nation.

This included African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) led by President Yejide Orunmila. She spoke on the actions and campaign they carried out in the past year.

The struggle to overturn the oppression of African women under colonialism has included the fight against the theft of African children by the State.

ANWO is currently engaged in a fierce struggle with DHS in Philadelphia and London and announced its plans to expand the campaign from the hashtag #ArrestDHS to #ArrestCPS.

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) President, Kalambayi, also made a dynamic presentation, complete with a mini fashion show to display InDPUM’s economic project, a fashion line called Uzi.

Northeast Regional Representative, Aaron O'Neal, also made an interesting presentation and outlined the myriad or organizing events that the Northeast Region held during 2016.

Dr. Aisha Fields, president of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) was unable to make it to the conference but gave AAPDP’s report by video. She received multiple Black Power salutes from her comrades for the work AAPDEP is doing in Huntsville, AL; Houston, TX; and on the Continent among many other places.

This Plenary was particularly different than the Party’s previous Plenaries because it was broadcasted live by Black Power 96.3 FM in St. Petersburg. BP96.3 is the radio station which is for and by the black community. A project of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF), Black Power 96.3 FM speaks to the economic contradictions facing Africans as a result of colonialism.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, the mass organization of white people who work under the leadership of the APSP, began their presentation with a parody on the white left. They discussed the current campaigns they are waging in the struggle to get reparations from their own white community.

DAP’s Chair, Themba Tshibanda gave us updates on the many accomplishments of DAP including the APDEF sponsored Black Power 96.3 FM St. Pete.

Burning Spear Editor In Chief, Kalonda Mulamba, presented a video which outlined the accomplishments of the Official Organ of the APSP during 2016. She also outlined the goals for 2017 and gave a report on the success of the newspaper’s distribution.

Aside from the reading of the powerful Plenary 2017 Report, another highlight of the three-day event was the Chairman’s summation.

The comrades had already been inspired by the powerful presentations that came before it, including an magnificent speech given by Alex Morley Chairman of the APSP Bahamas. He spoke on the conditions which Africans live under imperialism, primarily our dependence on tips on white tourists to sustain ourselves.

The Chairman’s summation addressed the fast leadership that has taken place within our Party. He outlined that the effort to develop cadre is key to forwarding revolution.

He also reiterated the importance of our revolutionary economic institutions. He stated that our economic developments are “not for individual profit.”

The Chairman went on to speak on our “communist core” as a Party. He said “communism is the destruction of a social system built on exploitation.”

The 2017 Plenary was a most powerful gathering of the Best Daughters and Sons of Africa. Our Party and all its organizations outlined the way forward for 2017. This year, we will be putting revolution back on the agenda![2]

Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia

Moscow, June 4, 2015
Alexander Ionov, Omali Yeshitela
Alexander Ionov, Omali Yeshitela

On June 20th, the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGM) attended an online conference with the Uhuru movement and the African People's Socialist Party. Alexander Ionov represented AGM, while Uhuru movement was represented by Penny Hess, the chairperson of the African People’s Solidarity Committee. The most significant achievement of the event was raising funds for the “Reparations For Stolen Black Lives” Fundraiser. During the talks, Alexander Ionov mentioned that human rights are brutally violated in the United States. He also brought up the cases of American activist Mumia Abu-Jamal and Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko who stay imprisoned by US government. Alexander noted that fascist and Nazi ideologies, as well as organizations advocating such ideologies, are officially permitted on the territory of the US.

On June 21st, the AGM attended another conference with Omali Yeshitela, the leader of the Uhuru movement and African People's Socialist Party, which was broadcasted live on It was dedicated to the expansionistic policy of the US and NATO directed to arm the countries bordering Russia, while pushing propaganda of hatred and aggression against Russia and Russian people through mainstream media. Omali Yeshitela expressed solidarity with Russia and urged Africans to not participate in any military venture against Russia. In return, Alexander Ionov expressed his solidarity with African people in their struggle for freedom against neo-colonial oppression, pointing out that the events like the ones that took place in Charleston on June 17th have no place in the modern world.[3]

Paying homage to Marx and Lenin

Karl Marx, Omali Yeshitela
VI Lenin, Omali Yeshitela

Meeting the IRSP


Omali Yeshitela met with members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party in Moscow, September 2015, at a conference hosted by the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia.

Irish participants at the conference told the Guardian that they had no Kremlin links and were simply taking an opportunity to promote their cause. Sinn Fein member Diarmaid Mac Dubhghlais compared the eastern Ukraine conflict to the “Ireland of years ago”, arguing that the pro-Russian rebels were fighting a “fascist government” in Kiev.

“In Ireland, we accepted help from Muammar Gaddafi,” said Michael McLaughlin of the Irish Republican Socialist Party. “When you’re in a battle for national liberation you don’t question the background of the people helping you.”

While Ramon Nenadich of the Puerto Rican group Borinken and Lanny Sinkin, a representative of the self-declared King Silva of Hawaii, said their struggle was non-violent, Omali Yeshitela of the Uhuru Movement said American imperialism could not be overcome by peaceful means.

“We call on you to recognise the right of African people to engage in armed defence against American colonialism, and we would like to express our profound appreciation to the Anti-Globalisation movement of Russia,” he told attendees.

“We are convinced that we are on the right side of history, we are convinced that we will win, we are convinced that we are winning. Uhuru!”[4]

Larry Hamm

Larry Hamm

Larry Hamm addressed the 5th Congress of the African People's Socialist Party, July 10, 2010, Washington DC.