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Adam Lassila

Policy and elections committee

Athens for Everyone Policy and elections committee, 2020 consisted of Rachelle Berry, Claire Bolton, Hillary Brown, Broderick Flanigan, Stephanie Flores, Adam Lassila, Irami Osei-Frimpong, Erin Stacer and Ramin Zareian.

YDS - UGA Closed Facebook Group


Young Democratic Socialists - UGA Closed Facebook Group, accessed September 7, 2017. Active circa 2015.

We are an inconclusive group of socialists.[1]


2018 Georgia Democratic Party convention

Gabriel Shippy August 25 2018:


With Asynaka Asynaka, Andrea Leigh Farnham, Tim Denson and Adam Lassila at Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center.

Athens activists


Whitney Dekle March 2, 2015 ·

With Jamie Gardner, Laura Conroy, Claire Bolton, Lauren Blais, Chris Dowd, Laura Briggs, Chad Whitley, James Niles Joyal, Jennifer Winchell Denson, Tim Denson and Adam Lassila.