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Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Citizens was a Communist Party USA front.


A very strange and interesting full page ad appeared in the New York Times of >>> 1973?, published by a group calling themselves the "Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Citizens", Treasurer Anton Refregier, 111 Broadway, Room 300, New York City, NY.

It was concerned with the actual and perceived actions of the anti-communist, anti-appeasement organization known as the Jewish Defense League (JDL), formed by assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane to protect Jews in America from anti-semitic violence, and to support the safety of Israel. Kahane was murdered by a man many assume was an Al Qaeda assassin, , 1992, perhaps the first Al Qaeda attack on U.S. soil.

The Ad Hoc Committee was formed by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) because there were so many identified and open members of the Party in it, that it could only have been formed through the CPUSA membership/sympathizer network. No other group could have reached so many old CPers, many of whom were unknown to the younger radical groups.

There was a heavy presence of entertainment and Hollywood Party members and supporters, as well as red artists, labor leaders, several identified Soviet spies/agents, and members of CPUSA fronts, including:

Other groupings included CPUSA attorneys and sympathizer lawyers, CPUSA professors, CPUSA clergy and sympathizers, a few assorted marxists, and leaders of the Hanoi Lobby who were listed with their own organizational affiliations (WILPF, WSP, WPC etc.)

Text of the Ad

List of Sponsors

"Many sponsor names were received too late to be included. The Committee regrets these unavoidable omissions. (Organizations, professions and posts listed for identification only)."

Clip-Out "contribution" section which says: Make contributions payable to: "Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Citizens", or "Treasurer, Anton Refregier, 111 Broadway, Room 300, NYC, NY.


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