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Abdul-Malik Ryan via Facebook


Abdul-Malik Ryan (born "Michael P. Ryan") was originally an Irish Catholic from suburban Oak Park, Chicago, who converted to Islam while at DePaul University. Abdul-Malik Ryan is a co-founder of the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) along with Rami Nashashibi.

Abdul-Malik Ryan is the Assistant Director of the Office of Religious Diversity and Muslim Chaplain at DePaul University.

Proud to be 'Radical'

Photo on Abdul-Malik Ryan's Instagram highlighting Arab American Action Network materials

Abdul-Malik Ryan "admires convicted cop killer H. Rap Brown and believes that pro-Israel Republicans are white nationalists."

After being featured at Breitbart.com for his overtly anti-white, anti-American tweets that included several that "quoted convicted cop killer H. Rap Brown who shot two Fulton County Sheriffs, killing one, in 2000,"[1] Abdul-Malik Ryan responded by saying in part in an article published at Sojourners:

"The piece was an odd collection of my tweets — some light-hearted, about my role in the declining white majority in the United States by having children of mixed background; and serious, drawing attention to the immorality of militarist and anti-refugee policies. Nothing they drew attention to were statements I regretted."[2]

Founding the Inner-City Muslim Action Network

Rami Nashashibi "had met Abdul-Malik Ryan, a DePaul classmate. Originally an Irish Catholic from suburban Oak Park, Ryan was studying African-American history and had recently converted to Islam. 'From the very beginning Rami was very charismatic,' says Ryan, now DePaul's Muslim chaplain. Nashashibi asked him to help out at the Arab-American community centre in Chicago Lawn. They started providing odd jobs for teenagers and daycare for younger children. 'From there it was a step to have our own organisation, identified as Muslim,' says Ryan, who co-founded Iman with Nashashibi."[3]