42nd Venceremos Brigade

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42nd Venceremos Brigade


Cuba, Jul 20.2011- The 42nd contingent of the Venceremos Brigade arrived in Cuba to offer its support and to challenge the blockade imposed on the island by Washington for more than five decades now.

The 37 members of this contingent, mainly youngsters, were received at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp of Artemisa province. Most of them come to the island to share this experience for the first time and they share it with those who have been constantly supporting the Cuban socialist project for years.

In her statements to ACN, US activist Kathe Karlson, leader of the contingent,pointed out that her compatriots have come to know Cuba’s reality, which unfortunately is not reflected in her country’s mass media, and that they’re planning to incorporate more people to the solidarity-with-Cuba work when they return home.

Personally, she stressed, I think that Cuba is an example of freedom and of the fact that a better world can be built.[1]

Former CPE member Mike Chrisemer gives a reportback on the Venceremos Brigade's recent trip to Cuba, in 2011.[2]


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