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This page documents leadership and personnel within the National level of the Communist Party USA.


As an aid to research on the history and membership of the Communist Party USA CPUSA, this page has been created. Its' purpose is to list many of the key leaders, members, writers for their publications, and supporters over a long period of time so that many of them will be blue-linked to other citations of them throughout Keywiki (where CPUSA membership or support) has not been listed due to time constraints). Also, it will help readers/researchers to understand the scope and depth of CPUSA penetration of American society since the 1920's and their influence on events, legislation, espionage, sabotage, propaganda operations, and the teaching/writing of history.

The items entered here will be done in no particular order but with a definite rationality. Sometimes an old CPUSA document, book, article, etc. will have names in them that have never been identified before a congressional committee as a CPUSA member (or ardent supporter), but with this entry, their often covert identity will be brought to light.

Congressional hearings, studies, reports, etc. which have lists of key CPUSA members and supporters will occasionally be entered also because of their historical value to researchers/writers. Samples of this would include the CPUSA identifies of Harry Bridges ILWU, Paul Robeson, New York City Councilwoman Miriam Friedlander, CPUSA founder and WSP leader Pauline Royce Rosen, Samuel Rubin, the father of the infamous Hanoi supporter Cora Weiss, and some members of the U.S. Congress since the 1930's.


As at 1973, the following worked for the CPUSA:[1]


Political Affairs

As at April 1979, the following were staff and contributors to Political Affairs, the internal publication of the CPUSA for members only:[2]


Contributing Writers:


The following were 1980 Presidential and National Candidates:[3]


People's Weekly World

As at May 2002, the following worked and wrote for the Peoples Weekly World Magazine:[4]


Writers for this issue who have not been listed above, or whose full CPUSA identification has not been listed above are below:

Letters to the Editor, P. 12


Misc: Notices, Poems, Memoriam notices, events, etc.:

Nuestro Mundo section:

Other names listed in the PWW for the May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetins will appear in a new section of their combined names. This is an invaluable research section for learning the names of both CPUSA members and their supporters as often what city/state they live in. It is safe to assume that if someone puts their name on a greeting for a CPUSA newspaper "greeting", then they know who they are being associated with. However, this does not mean that they are necessarily CPUSA members, only associated with the CPUSA newspaper for this event. That is why the blue-link system of a name throughout the KW database will prove more information on a person of that name and in most cases, it will help to establish an associational pattern of these individuals with the CPUSA, its fronts, newspapers, causes, events, etc. However, no one should be called a "Communist Party member" unless their identity has been verified by the various sources cited in KW and in open publications

KeyWiki Note: Many wives of CPUSA members often kept their maiden names; others changed them over the years, so it will be important to cross-index them when more current information becomes available.


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