World Federation of Democratic Youth

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World Federation of Democratic Youth was founded on November 10, 1945 at the the World Youth Conference, organized in London by the World Youth Council.[1] The Federation is now based in Budapest.[2]


The Federation is a Soviet-controlled front that works closely with the IUS and other fronts in promoting Soviet foreign policy goals-whether détente and arms control or support for Third World terrorist movements. The WFDY's World Youth Congresses have served as occasions for introducing young radicals and Communists to terrorist leaders. The U.S. WFDY section is the Young Workers Liberation League, the youth arm of the Communist Party USA.[2]


“We pledge that we shall remember this unity, forged in this month, November 1945 Not only today, not only this week, this year, but always Until we have built the world we have dreamed of and fought for We pledge ourselves to build the unity of youth of the world All races, all colors, all nationalities, all beliefs To eliminate all traces of fascism from the earth To build a deep and sincere international friendship among the peoples of the world To keep a just lasting peace To eliminate want, frustration and enforced idleness We have come to confirm the unity of all youth salute our comrades who have died-and pledge our word that skilful hands, keen brains and young enthusiasm shall never more be wasted in war”[1]

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