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Contents is a Veterans advocacy group. Its PAC states that it seeks to elect Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans to public office – "regardless of party". However from 2006 - 2010 the organization has donated $15,100 to the Republican Party and $228,700 to the Democratic Party.


Board of Advisors

As at September 3, 2010, the following served on the Board of Advisors for the organization:[2]

Senior Advisors

The role of senior advisor is explained on the website:[1]

"Senior Advisors are’s front-line leaders. They are integral to the organization in the fact that they are not only active volunteers, but they’ve also been trained by in the art American politics. Whether it’s political strategy, media strategy, or lobbying, these Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have successfully transitioned from military leadership to political leadership."

Of the Senior Advisors, 6 are stated to have been involved in advocacy on behalf of the Democratic Party, while one is stated to have been involved in advocacy on behalf of the Republican Party.

As at September 3, 2010, the following served as Senior Advisors for the organization:[1]

Political Action Committee

The stated mission of Political Action Committee is:[3]

"To elect Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to public office; hold public officials accountable for their words and actions that impact America’s 21st century servicemembers; and fully support our men and women in uniform.

The Committee was founded in January 2006 by Iraq veterans, Jon Soltz and Jeremy Broussard. "Since its inception, PAC has endorsed eight candidates for office – both Democratic and Republican."

Action Fund

The stated mission of the Action Fund is as follows:[4]

" Action Fund is a pro-military organization founded by Veterans of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to be the voice of the 21st century patriot. Our mission is to ensure that today’s soldiers have the necessary resources to successfully complete their missions abroad and the support they deserve when they come home.We are committed to winning the war on terror and preserving the strength of our military."


VetVoice is a project of

Candidates Supported has supported the following candidates from 2006 - 2010:[5]

Rep. Andrew James DuckDemocrat$7,1002006House
Rep. Tammy DuckworthDemocrat$4,2002006House
Rep. David T. HarrisDemocrat$2,1002006House
Rep. Andrew J. HorneDemocrat$2,1002006House
Rep. Patrick J. MurphyDemocrat$7,1002006House
Rep. Samuel D. SchultzDemocrat$2,1002006House
Rep. Joseph A. Sestak, Jr.Democrat$7,1002006House
Rep. Harold Wilford BidlackDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. John A. BoccieriDemocrat$10,0002008House
Rep. Charles D. BrownDemocrat$10,0002008House
Rep. William John CahirDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. Chris CarneyDemocrat$10,0002008House
Rep. Adam CoteDemocrat$5,0002008House
Rep. Doug DennenyDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. Jay FawcettDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. Wayne T. GilchrestRepublican$3,0002008House
Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr.Republican$5,0002008House
Rep. Mike LumpkinDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. Ashwin MadiaDemocrat$10,0002008House
Rep. Eric MassaDemocrat$10,0002008House
Rep. Walt MinnickDemocrat$5,0002008House
Rep. Jill MorgenthalerDemocrat$5,0002008House
Rep. Patrick J. MurphyDemocrat$10,0002008House
Rep. John P. MurthaDemocrat$5,0002008House
Rep. Gary PetersDemocrat$7,5002008House
Jonathan PowersDemocrat$10,2602008House
Rep. Steve SarviDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. Joseph A. Sestak Jr.Democrat$10,0002008House
Rep. Timothy J. WalzDemocrat$10,0002008House
Sen. Paul HackettDemocrat$5,0002008Senate
Sen. Chuck HagelDemocrat$5,0002008Senate
Sen. Andrew HorneDemocrat$5,0002008Senate
Sen. James Francis MartinDemocrat$10,0002008Senate
Sen. Rick NoriegaDemocrat$10,0002008Senate
Wesley ClarkDemocrat$5,0002008Presidential
Sen. Joseph SestakDemocrat$10,0002008Senate
Rep. John A. BoccieriDemocrat$7,5002008House
Rep. Chris CarneyDemocrat$7,0002008House
Rep. Jan H. DonatelliDemocrat$1,0002008House
Rep. Eric MassaDemocrat$4,0002008House
Rep. Walt MinnickDemocrat$4,0002008House
Rep. Patrick J. MurphyDemocrat$4,0002008House
Rep. Gary PetersDemocrat$5,0002008House
Rep. Tommy SowersDemocrat$2,0002008House
Rep. Manan TrivediDemocrat$2,0002008House
Rep. Timothy J. WalzDemocrat$2,0002008House
Rep. Anthony WoodsDemocrat$2,0002008House
Bryan Lentz[6]DemocratUnknown2010House

State Candidates

The organization has supported the following candidates for State and Local offices:[7]


Elected Officials


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