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Template:TOCnestleft The Tides Center is a Tides organization and its roots are in Tides Foundation. In 1979, the Tides Foundation's Projects Program was born and in 1996, this program became Tides Center. It is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Since 1996, it has been fiscal sponsor to at least 677 projects with total revenues of $522.4 million. It has worked with more than 800 projects since it was the Projects Program and its current project load amounts to almost 200 projects.

Tides Center is a project organization of Tides, which also has Tides Foundation, Tides Shared Spaces and other related organizations as projects.

Board of Directors

As of 2009, Tides Center directors were:[1]

Tides management team

In 2009, Tides center management team were:[2]

New Party connections

One of the Tides Center's projects, the New Majority Education Fund, was a close affiliate of the now-dissolved New Party.

Proteus Fund

The Tides Center is a grant recipient of the Proteus Fund.[3]

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