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Teresa Ghilarducci

Teresa Ghilarducci, director[1]of the New School - Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, was recently featured in Money Magazine for her cutting-edge proposal to restructure the United States’ retirement income security system.

Previously, she spent 25 years as a professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame and 10 years as director of its Higgins Labor Research Center.

Her most recent book is When I’m 64: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them. One US News and World Report business blogger called her “the most dangerous woman in America” for saying that she approved of wanting to spread the wealth and for supporting guaranteed retirement accounts that secure workers in old age.

Teresa Ghilarducci is a Senior Fellow with Demos.


Economic Policy Institute

Ghilarducci also serves[2]on the Board of Directors of the Economic Policy Institute.

Democratic Socialists of America connection

Teresa Ghilarducci contributed a presentation[3]"The Recession and our Pensions" Democratic Socialists of America sponsored panel on "Democratic Socialist Responses to Stagnation, the Wall Street Collapse, and the World Economic Crisis" at Left Forum held at Pace University in New York City on April 19 2009.

Arguing for government job creation, Ghilarducci called the left to pressure the U.S. Congress;

We depend upon the “left-leaning” Labor Department to get those messages out, and there’s just nothing about Hilda Solis – you heard it here – that is going to oppose or challenge Larry Summers or Tim Geithner, and that’s what we really need from the Labor Department.
So, if we were going to talk about political action, I would focus it actually not on the Treasury or the presidency, but on the House of Representatives; not Barney Frank, but on the Labor Committee, where George Miller would pressure Reid and Pelosi, and I would really do everything I could to connect up with the leftists in the Labor Department. That’s where it has to happen. She doesn’t even have a chief economist yet. And that’s where we have to focus our attention.

"At times a member"

At the Democratic Socialists of America National Political Committee Meeting of September 26-27, 2009, members "brainstormed" on who could replace the late Ruth Spitz and one other opening for a woman among the DSA vice chairs. Suggestions were: Teresa Ghilarducci "at times a member", Katha Pollitt, Christine Kelly "joined at conference", Judith Deutsch, Theda Skocpol "if Joe approaches her to ask her to rejoin", Juliet Schor "a member on and off", "less likely": Holly Sklar, Peg Strobel. All names were referred to the Steering Committee.[4]

Demos Involvement

In 2009 Teresa Ghilarducci was a Distinguished Senior Fellow of New York based think tank Demos.[5]