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Military communists

Miscellaneous posts of military importance occupied by those who refused to deny evidence of their Communist Party membership, in addition to those in the Office of Strategic Services, include the following as revealed in subcommittee hearings: Virginius Frank Coe, of the National Advisory Defense Council, 1940, Joint War Production Committee as executive secretary for the United States and Canada; Sidney Glassman, Signal Corps inspector, 1942; Jacob Grauman, War Production Board, 1942-46, Office of War Mobilization, 1946-47; Stanley Graze, War Production Board, Army Officer's Candidate School, second lieutenant; Jerome A. Oberwager, Army Ordnance Division, 1943-46; Irving P. Schiller, civilian employee of the Navy Department; Alexander H. Svenchansky, Army, noncommissioned officer, orientation work; Alfred J. Van Tassell, War Production Board, 1942; Eugene Wallach, Judge Advocate's office, United States Army, 1941.[1]



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