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Robert Kuttner

Template:TOCnestleft Robert Kuttner is co-founder and co-editor of The American Prospect and a senior fellow at Demos. His best-selling book is "Obama's Challenge: America's Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency."

He is also a co-founder[1]of the Economic Policy Institute.

In 1996 he was the winner of the Paul Hoffman Award for Human Development of the United Nations, for his work on the relationship of economic efficiency to social equality.

Attendee at Obama's 2009 'Regulatory Reform' Discussion

Robert Kuttner was an invited guest for remarks made by Barack Obama on June 17, 2009 regarding "regulatory reform".[2]

Institute for Policy Studies connections

Robert Kuttner, author, former Executive Director, National Commission on Neighborhoods, Boston, MA was listed[3]among those participating in the Institute for Policy Studies affiliated Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies Bryn Mawr August 3-5 1979.

LA DSA meeting


DSA pamphlets

In 1990, Democratic Socialists of America was selling a list of pamphlets, mainly by members, including "Democratic Promise:Ideas for Turning America in a Progressive Direction", by Michael Harrington, William Julius Wilson and Robert Kuttner and "Poverty", by Michael Harrington, with contributions from Barbara Ehrenreich, William Julius Wilson and Mark Levinson.[4]

Campaign for America's Future

In 1996 Robert Kuttner, American Prospect was one of the original 130 founders of Campaign for America's Future.[5]

Kuttner a "socialist"

In 1998 Democratic Socialists of America described Kuttner as a "socialist"[6]

DSA-ish Publications
That is, mags which express the range of our politics, from the revolutionary to the left liberal, and including some sympatico Candian and British mags.
American Prospect The journal of "liberal" intellectual politics, though half of the writers, and one of the co-founders, Robert Kuttner, are socialists. This journal sees its mission as the reinvigoration of "liberalism," betraying a clear disregard for liberalism's expressed desire to accept death.

DSA connection

Robert Kuttner addressed the Democratic Socialists of America, November 9, 1989 national convention in Maryland, on the state of domestic politics.[7]

In 1993 Robert Kuttner, the editor of The American Prospect, addressed an audience of Boston DSAers . Kuttner argued that Clinton needed to promote growth, rather than austerity, if he was to win a second term and to avoid heavy congressional losses in 1994. [8]

According to Boston Democratic Socialists of America magazine Yankee Radical[9], Kuttner has been honored by the organization-as has Committees of Correspondence member Dessima Williams.

The Debs-Thomas-Bernstein Awards have been held each year since 1977 to honor deserving activists and to raise funds to support the work of Boston DSA. Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas and Julius Bernstein were democratic socialist leaders of the last century who inspire the work of DSA today. Previous awardees include North Shore Labor Council President Jeff Crosby, international human rights advocate Dessima Williams, and Boston Globe columnist Bob Kuttner.

Robert Kuttner was honored[10]in 1998 along with DSA member Deborah Meier.

Supported DSA conference

In May 1986, Democratic Socialists of America "supported" a New Directions conference in the Washington DC Convention Center. Conference organizer was Jo-Ann Mort of DSA.

The conference, supported by DSA, will bring together activists, analysts and elected officials to develop new directions for the Democratic Party and the broad democratic left.

Initial sponsors of the event included Reps. Charles Hayes and Barney Frank, labor leaders William Winpisinger and Jack Sheinkman (ACTWU), Joyce Miller (ACTWU and CLUW) and Jack Joyce, (Bricklayers), feminist leaders Gloria Steinem and Judy Goldsmith and policy analysts Robert Kuttner, Jeff Faux and Eleanor Holmes Norton.

"Inequality Matters"

In 2004 United for a Fair Economy, a Boston "economic justice think tank", co-sponsored a national conference on inequality. Some of the conference papers were published as "Inequality Matters: the Growing Economic Divide in America", which also included suggested public policies to counteract it. Among the contributors were Betsy Leondar-Wright, William Greider, Meizhu Lui, Bob Kuttner and Christopher Jencks.[11]


Robert Kuttner, of the American Prospect and the Economic Policy Institute, was an identified member of JournoList - an email group of approximately 400 "progressive" and socialist journalists, academics and "new media" activists.

JournoList members reportedly coordinated their messages in favor of Barack Obama and the Democrats, and against Sarah Palin and the Republican Party. JournoList was founded in 2007 and was closed down in early 2010.[12]

Take Back America America

On March 17, 2008, at the Take Back America conference in Washington D.C. Larry Cohen, Roger Hickey, Robert Kuttner and Andrea Batista Schlesinger spoke in a session entitled "Out of the Hole: An Economy that Works for Working People".[13]

Economic Policy Institute

Robert Kuttner serves[14]on the Board of Directors of the Economic Policy Institute.

The American Prospect

In 2009 Robert Kutter was listed as a Founding Co-Editor and a member of the Board of Directors of The American Prospect.[15]

Obama books


America's Future Now!

Robert Kuttner was one of the 148 speakers who addressed the 2010 America's Future Now Conference.[16]

Demos Involvement

In 2009 Robert Kuttner was a Distinguished Senior Fellow of New York based think tank Demos.[17]

Global Progressive Forum, Brussels 2009

Progressives from all over the world are getting together in Brussels on April 2-3, 2009 at the Global Progressive Forum to discuss how to create a better globalization for people[18]

15.30-17.00 Workshop 12: Implementing Decent Work for All (Hemicycle)

Cry Wolf Project

The Cry Wolf Project was established in 2010 to counter conservative attempts to stop or discredit "progressive" policy options.

Cry Wolf Project Coordinators

  • Peter Dreier, E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics, Director of the Urban & Environmental Policy program, Occidental College
  • Donald Cohen, Executive Director, Center on Policy Initiatives
  • Nelson Lichtenstein, Professor of History at UC Santa Barbara and Director of the Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy

Project Advisory Board


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